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CryoShape is a breakthrough treatment for Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars. Dr. Lorenc was one of the first physicians in the U.S. to use the CryoShape device and has a great deal of ease, expertise and experience with this technology. This unique system destroys scar tissue by utilizing an extremely cold probe and softens the collagen in and around the scar. One session in our office will significantly reduce scar volume, however additional treatments may be necessary for optimal results. Dr. Lorenc will insert a fine needle using a local anesthetic to freeze scars from the inside out, penetrating the deep tissue. The procedure takes approximately 15 ­-30 minutes and you can leave the office immediately after. No sutures are needed and the treatment is safe, effective and virtually painless.


“My name is Joey Jones and I have suffered from keloid scarring for over ten years now. I have had every treatment known and available for keloids and, until now, nothing has provided such an improvement and in such a short time after the procedure. The itching, burning and elevation of the scars has been reduced in just a few weeks. Because of the size and number of scars I have suffered from ( located on chest, back and shoulders), I am preparing to undergo a second procedure as soon as possible, and with great enthusiasm. The procedure is painless, and recovery time is a day or two at best. The quality of my life has improved dramatically because of Cryoshape, and I am forever grateful!”
- Joey Jones Spokane, Washington


“Several years ago, I underwent major surgery which left me with an 8. vertical keloid scar from navel to groin. This was the most uncomfortable thing that I had ever experienced as it itched and was irritated by the fly of my trousers each and every day. Dr. Loren had recommended that he treat this scar with CryoShape. The results are 100% better. I no longer have the annoying itch which was almost constant and there is no irritation as all. The result of the procedure has left me with minimal visual side effects. I am sure that after a few more months, that the existing scar will be hardly noticeable at all. I am so very pleased with the results from being treated with CryoShape. I had almost given up on ever having an acceptable resolution to my problem until CryoShape.”
— C. L, Age 59, New York City