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Face & Neck Lift

Face & Neck Lift

Over time, life experiences reveal themselves on the face – emotions, sun, environmental factors, genetic tendencies, diet, exercise and personal care choices combine to affect your appearance.

The goal of a Face & Neck Lift is to improve the overall look of the face and neck and to match the youthful feeling on the inside with a more youthful appearance on the outside without drawing attention to the fact that facelift surgery has even taken place. Surgical facial rejuvenation won’t halt the aging process, but with a ten year or more reprieve, you will continue to look younger than your age.

When Should I Get A Face & Neck Lift?

A face lift is perhaps one of the least understood of all aesthetic surgical procedures because many people believe a person needs to be quite mature to have the procedure, or that the procedure itself results in a tight, expressionless “operated-on” look. In Dr. Lorenc’s opinion, today’s advanced facelift options work as well for patients in their 40s as they do for patients in their 70s, and his surgical objective is to subtly improve and refresh, rather than drastically alter, a patient’s overall appearance.

What To Expect During Surgery:

Dr. Lorenc’s approach to neck and face lifts is to tighten and reposition a patient’s underlying muscle and facial tissue and then remove loose, sagging, excess skin on the face and neck as needed. Dr. Lorenc’s state-of-the-art technique produces shorter scars that are hard to find and do not alter the hairline.


‘It is both a pleasure and a privilege to write this letter of appreciation in honor of Dr. Lorenc. He very recently performed a face lift [including a rhinoplasty] on my wife and the results were spectacular. There were no complications and the healing process is proceeding smoothly. We were both extremely impressed with his skills and gentle and assuring manner. What we believe was also an important component in contributing to the wonderful results was the continuity of care and long-term interdisciplinary camaraderie between himself. his surgical nurse and anesthesiologist. with whom he has worked for approximately the past 20 years. They really are an integrated team in the true sense. Dr. Lorenc’s office staff always made us feel welcome and at ease throughout the process. The post-operative care. hotel and private duty nurses were superb. As a result of my wife’s experience with Dr. Lorenc. I will soon be undergoing an abdominoplasty with him as well and I have already requested the same private duty nurses for myself that cared for my wife. Dr. Lorenc provides both of us with updates regarding the recuperation phase during each post-op office visit and we are more at ease about what to expect and the time course of the healing process. I can easily describe the individual. as well as the overall. results of his surgical expertise to looking at one of the European paintings ofthe 15th – 17th century masters…Dr. Lorenc is the Peter Paul Reubens of Park Avenue plastic surgery. We recommend him and his team unreservedly to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.‘
- R.G. (Physician)