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The Changing Face of Facial Rejuvenation

Facelift Surgery Manhattan, NYFacelift surgeries have been commonly performed for decades. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this procedure has consistently ranked in the top five of all cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. on a yearly basis (with the exception of one slow year in 2015). The fact that surgical lifting remains popular amidst the sea of non-surgical procedures says something about what is going on here. Let’s take a look at what that may be.

For the skin to look youthful and vibrant, it needs the nourishment of healthy collagen and elastin. As you know, these critical chemicals break down with UV exposure and naturally degrade with age. Without adequate amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid the fundamental building blocks of firm, supple skin is missing. Both surgical and non-surgical approaches have been developed to correct the results of these losses.

Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

Many men and women are familiar with the various nonsurgical treatments available today. Injectables essentially lead the pack regarding facial rejuvenation, largely due to the convenience and affordability of treatment. Injectable facial rejuvenation may include Botox to smooth wrinkles on the upper part of the face. Dermal fillers are used to correct lines, creases, flattening cheeks, and even jowls. In addition to injectables, various technologies, such as radiofrequency, have become popular methods of restoring tightness and structure to aging skin.

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation is convenient, but it may not be right for every person. If facial laxity is more noticeable and there is a desire for longer lasting results, surgical facial rejuvenation may be the most suitable path to a younger face.

Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

When we say facial rejuvenation, what you may initially imagine is the traditional facelift. Well, times have changed. The majority of surgical lifts that are performed today aren’t nearly as significant as a full lift. In our NYC office, patients may obtain their desired rejuvenation with more conservative surgical approaches like a mid-face lift, a mini-lift, or the Silhouette Instalift®. Modern facelifts are less invasive, and yet they are designed for maximum rejuvenation by addressing the particular problems faced by each patient (volume loss, etc.).

Your path to a younger face is unique to you. Let us walk you through the steps. Call (212) 472-2900 to schedule your consultation in our Park Avenue office.

Did you Know Liposuction Could Help These Trouble Spots?

Liposuction New York City, NYLiposuction is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in the United States and also in countries that tend to be ahead of the game regarding innovation. That tells you something about the efficacy of this body-sculpting procedure. The popularity of liposuction has sustained even in light of nonsurgical fat-reducing treatments, and one of the reasons why is because liposuction can do more than these other techniques. Sure, there’s a bit of downtime, but liposuction can remove more fat, faster, and from more areas than any singular nonsurgical treatment. Here are a few trouble spots you may not have realized liposuction could help.

  1. The breasts. We will say that liposuction is not an alternative to full, surgical breast reduction. The intent of breast liposuction is to refine the shape of the breasts by strategically removing small areas of excess fatty tissue. Breast liposuction may also be go-to for many men who are interested in finding freedom from gynecomastia.
  2. The chin. Perhaps we should say the double-chin on this one. Liposuction isn’t performed on the chin, but on the submental region beneath the chin and at the uppermost part of the neck. Chin liposuction is a short procedure often performed with local anesthetic and light sedation. That is how expedient and gentle the technique is. When we remove fat through a tiny cannula, the chin becomes more refined, and the jawline appears more angular. This procedure is not used to treat jowls, and it may not be appropriate if the skin on the neck has also become loose and saggy.
  3. Bra fat. Joy Behar once said “I have back fat. So what? Who Cares?” Well, most women do care about this stubborn problem. Back fat makes bulges under or over the bra strap, and may also create bulges at the armpit area around the bra strap. As you may know, this is an incredibly difficult area to sculpt with exercise. Bra fat can be a thing of the past when we put liposuction on the job.
  4. The term “cankles” has no place in the English language. The actual problem that this word describes has no place on the human form; and yet, it exists. Some people are naturally inclined to hold fat at the ankle area. Odd, we know, but it happens. And when it does, it can be distressing. To refine that shape of the ankles with liposuction takes very little time, and achieves excellent results that may otherwise be elusive.

Learn more about liposuction and the problems this technique can treat. Call our NYC office at (212) 472-2900.

Leave the Treatment Planning to the Experts

February 15, 2018/0 Comments/in Plastic Surgery /by Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc

Face Lift New York City, NY
Most people who consider undergoing cosmetic surgery or even nonsurgical treatments understand that they are putting their appearance into the hands of highly trained experts. Still, research indicates that there is a prevalence of pre-treatment research that is done before a call is ever made to a cosmetic surgeon. Where does this research take place? Online, of course!

It is understandable that patients want to have an idea of what to expect long before they make their move toward cosmetic surgery. A high percentage of individuals polled report feeling intimidated by the whole process so, of course, they would want to have something in their arsenal of information before seeing a surgeon. The problem is, there is a problem with coming into the office with a preconceived notion about what you’re here for. Let’s look at an example of what commonly happens.
Face or Neck?
One of the requests often brought to plastic surgeons is for neck lift surgery. Lifting loose, sagging skin on the neck carries quite a few benefits. This procedure is excellent for men and women who have developed what we call “turkey neck,” the loose area of skin just under the chin and down the front of the neck. A neck lift can also reduce or remove horizontal bands, and it may be able to diminish the appearance of a double chin by tightening superficial tissue. What a neck lift can’t do, and what surprises many people, is correct jowls. Because jowls are situated not far behind the chin, there is an idea that lifting the neck skin will reduce these small pockets of tissue. Not so. What is needed to correct jowls is a face lift. It doesn’t have to be a full facelift, Dr. Lorenc uses varying techniques to reposition the structure of the mid face for overall improvement.

One of the most important aspects of what we do is getting to know our patients. To speak with us about your aesthetic goals, call (212) 472-2900. A friendly member of our staff is happy to schedule a visit for you in our NYC office.

What Your Breasts Might Need is a Lift

Breast Lift NYCBreast changes are going to happen. Most women are aware of this from an early age. The thing is, these changes occur differently in all women, at different times and for different reasons. Fortunately, none of that really matters. What matters is understanding what can be done to support breasts so these changes may occur slower or later in life, and then knowing what can be done to restore the shape and projection that is desired.

And therein lies the question . . .

What often happens as a result of breast deflation is an assumption forms. That assumption is that breast implants are necessary. This may not be true. Many women in the NYC area have been able to regain the confidence and satisfaction they once had through mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. Here, we want to touch on what can be achieved with this procedure.


One of the biggest changes that happens in the breasts is that the fatty tissue that gives shape falls lower on the chest wall. One of the primary reasons why breasts appear perkier earlier in life is because tissue is supported at a higher point on the chest. It’s that simple. The degradation of tissue occurs naturally and may be exacerbated by weight fluctuations and breastfeeding.


Most women we speak with about breast concerns express a desire for a rounder, more voluptuous shape. The perception is that shape comes from volume, which is why breast augmentation may be the first consideration. The reason that shape degrades is because the cradle of connective and muscle tissue that holds the fat cells of the breasts loses strength. Where there is no strength, there is no structure.


We cannot forget to mention the nipples, because this is a concern that many women face. The drop in volume from the top of the breast to the bottom sometimes pulls the areolae and nipples downward, changing the direction in which they point.

Breast lift surgery corrects each of these concerns by restructuring the cradle in which breast tissue sits. Excess skin is removed, nipples can be repositioned, and, in the end, breasts sit higher on the chest wall where they can appear firmer, rounder, and perkier.

Learn more about breast lift surgery. Call our NYC office at (212) 472-2900.

Anti Aging Treatment New York City, NY

How Does Forever Young Sound?

Anti Aging Treatment New York City, NYThere aren’t many people who would say they don’t like the idea of maintaining their skin to appear as youthful as possible. We’ve seen trends change in this area, and are happy to support individuals whose interest lies in sustaining skin vibrancy and overall firmness with minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as completely non-surgical modalities. One that has been in the spotlight recently is the Forever Young BBL™ treatment by Sciton®. Here, we want to point out a few of the benefits that can be obtained by making broad-band light a normal part of your beauty routine.

  • Multiple improvements. BBL doesn’t just focus on one type of improvement; it has a positive effect on subclinical conditions that haven’t even shown up on the skin yet. You may schedule your Forever Young treatment to minimize lines and wrinkles and notice that your glow has also returned, or that those tiny veins and sun spots you once had are no longer visible.
  • Support for aging cells. Research indicates positive changes at the cellular level occur when the broad-band light is absorbed into superficial tissues. What this means is that the expression of the genes in the skin is altered in a way that significantly slows aging.
  • Age can be managed at any age. Patients in their twenties get Forever Young BBL and patients in their seventies get treatment, too. The skin benefits regardless of age because that gene expression we mentioned gets better across the board.
  • It’s good for your schedule, too. One of the reasons that patients of our NYC office like Forever Young BBL are because it feels like the occasional facial. Come into the office a few times a year, spend about an hour or so, and change the way your skin ages. It’s that simple. No downtime is needed.
  • Lasting improvements. An interesting finding from research on this particular treatment has been that; the longer treatments are continued, the slower the skin ages. Some even refer to this as aging backward.

We are pleased to offer an array of skin-saving treatments in our Park Avenue office. Call (212) 472-2900 to schedule your consultation to see how we can help you age at your own pace.