Z Paul Lorenc, MD, FACS

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lorenc is a world-renowned aesthetic plastic surgeon with extensive fellowship training in four different sub-specialties; reconstructive plastic surgery, micro-vascular surgery, hand surgery and aesthetic surgery. He has developed many aesthetic surgery techniques that are now widely used as he continues to be a leader and innovator in aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Lorenc is known for his ability to communicate with patients and guide them in selecting the most appropriate procedure for their aesthetic goals. Each of the surgeries he performs is carried out with a commitment to safety and producing natural-looking and long lasting results.

“Science is your guide.
Anatomy is your savior.”

Facial Procedures

Looking and feeling best starts with our own reflection. The face is the first impression presented to the world and also where early signs of aging are most evident. Achieve a rejuvenated appearance using the safest, most highly effective technologies available. Whether the goal is to firm and tighten, or smooth and tone Dr. Lorenc will deliver transformative results restoring a naturally revitalized youthful look..

Breast Procedures

Time, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and weight gain all have an impact of the appearance, volume and shape of the breast. Perfect the roundness, cleavage, and fullness of the breast through enhancement to deliver confidence boosting results while maintaining a natural appearance. With the expert guidance of Dr. Lorenc lift, enhance, reduce, or reconstruct the breasts improving shape and symmetry for beautiful natural looking results.