Looking young and vibrant is always “in” and everyone is searching for the next best thing to address sagging skin on the face that results from loss of volume!

In the past, a surgical facelift was the answer. And although surgical facelifts are still popular, more men and women alike, are no longer waiting to enhance their looks.

The Silhouette Instalift is one of those revolutionary non-surgical procedures which turn back the clock for a youthful and refreshing look.

Dermal fillers are also used to add volume in strategic areas of the face to restore a more youthful appearance.

Even though procedures like the Silhouette Instalift can provide age defying results, it isn’t for everyone.

We know what you’re thinking. Who wouldn’t want timeless beauty?

There are many reasons men and women decide not to get non-surgical facelifts. We’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why a facelift may not be right for you…

1. Sun Damaged Skin

Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun? We get it!

Nevertheless, too much fun in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Sun over exposure can easily add decades to your appearance. There are some pretty telltale signs for sun damage like fine lines and blotchy patches. Your skin can even feel drier and more dehydrated.

Luckily, there are several options in lieu of a facelift for revitalizing sun damaged skin. For example, consider Hydrafacials periodically as part of your skin care regimen to revitalize the texture and the tone of your skin.

You can even try other light therapies such as Forever Young BBL (broadband light). It’s an incredible treatment that dramatically reduces sun spots and fine lines for younger looking and refreshed appearance.

2. Fine Lines

Aging happens in stages. It just a matter of time before you start seeing fine lines!

Many younger women are choosing to prevent fines lines by choosing to undergo Botox or Jeuveau treatments early on.

Addressing fine lines early is key and you should schedule an appointment with an experienced cosmetic professional right away. He or she will educate you about your options. Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, radiofrequency treatments, are just a few options available to you.

The earlier you take acation the easier and more effective it will be to reverse the visible signs of ageing. While waiting is not ideal, you’re not out of options!

Many women love their results after a few skin tightening sessions. You can also get great results in just one session with minimal downtime.

3. Deep Wrinkles

Do you know what most women don’t find funny? Laugh lines and crow’s feet.

Again, wrinkles can start off subtle and become very obvious before you know it. A facelift is ideal, especially if you have trouble areas around your neck and jawline.

But what about those deeper wrinkles around the mouth when you smile? Are struggling with deep wrinkles across your forehead, or even your eyes?

There are several options to help you transform your look, and a facelift is seldom the best option. Botox and other neurotoxins are great options to relaxing deep wrinkles. Your cosmetic doctor may even recommend dermal fillers to pump up the skin.

4. Baggy eyes

You deserve to be able to do a grocery run with a moisturizing sunscreen and some lip balm.

Under eye bags tend to can cause a tired or worn out. Blepharoplasty is actually a popular option for many women who are suffering from sagging. Also, a painless radiofrequency treatment called ThermiSmooth is also available to the right candidate.

Simply put, for eye catching results, you may not need a facelift.

5. Volume Loss

As we age our body begins to slow down collagen production. You can think of collagen as your natural skin plumper. It’s your own personal fountain of youth.

A face lift will tighten the skin, but it will not plump the skin. Dermal fillers like Juvéderm® and Radiesse® are popular options for restoring volume.

Many patients love fat transfer because, in a lot of ways, it’s a two in one deal. Not only do you get to remove stubborn fat from pesky problem areas, you also get to add volume to rejuvenate your look.

6. Thin  Skin

When you work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, they work with you to pick the perfect procedure so you are satisfied with your results.

The chances of you having complications during your procedure are incredibly low. Regardless, if your skin is too thin and you are concerned with looking too “tight” or “pulled back,” you can still achieve younger looking skin. It will just be with a different procedure like micro-needling with PRP.

7. Pinch Test

The perfect candidate for a facelift will have several factors. One of the most significant factors is loose skin. Remember, face lifts remove extra skin. If you have enough excesses skin that you can easily pinch and pull it away then it may be the right solution.

Failing the pinch test, just means you may have other non-surgical options to look rejuvenated.

8. Smoker Lines

Smoker lines are those visible lines between the nose and upper lip. A facelift is not an option to remedy these lines. Better options include dermal fillers and lip enhancement to fill the area for a more youthful appearance.

9. No Time

A surgical facelift takes time to heal. The good news is, surgical techniques have improved and so have recovery treatment plans.

Today, men and women can get back to work in about two to three weeks, so you can plan ahead.

10. It’s Too Expensive

A surgical procedure like a facelift can truly change your life, however it shouldn’t break the bank. Make sure to do your research before making a financial investment in yourself. There are even practices that will help you with a payment plan that fits your budget.

As you can see, facelifts are not a blanket solution to fix every visible ageing concern. We’ve covered a few options today, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find out more age fighting solutions, schedule an appointment for a consultation.

An experienced cosmetic doctor will assess your goals and recommend options that are best for you.