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brow lift | nyc | injectable liftThere is a lot to be said for symmetry across the top portion of the face. It is natural for one brow to sit slightly lower than the other. However, when this imbalance becomes quite noticeable, it’s difficult to admire all the other aspects of beauty on the face. We speak with many men and women who express concern about the position of one or both of their brows.  In such cases, we know just what to do in each situation. Sometimes, a surgical brow lift is the most appropriate approach to facial aging. However, we can often address the concern via an injectable lift with a neuromodulator like Botox.

The “Botox Brow Lift”

Botox happens to be the most recognizable neuromodulator, which is why the injectable brow lift is often referred to as the Botox brow lift. In our NYC and Southampton offices, we also use Dysport and Xeomin based on appropriateness for each patient.

How it Works

The strategic use of neurotoxin product eases the downward pull placed on the frontalis muscle, the one that elevates the eyebrows. To do this, we very carefully inject product into the muscle just at the brow line, the orbicularis oculi, to release opposition. The proper use of neuromodulators allows us to raise one or both brows toward the upper orbital rim.  This can also serve to accentuate the brows’ curvature over the eye.

Results of the Non-surgical Brow Lift

The obvious reason that many patients choose to lift the brow with injectables versus surgery is the minimal side-effects and elimination of downtime. Using a neurotoxin means seeing results appear gradually over about a week, and enjoying those results for 3 to 6 months. To maintain the lift of the brow, one can have the treatment again. Or an option is we can discuss the long-term effects that a surgical lift can achieve.

Facial rejuvenation does not have to be a complicated process. Call our office at  (212) 472-2900 to discuss your treatment options, and how we can help you reinstate the appearance you had ten years ago.