SKINFIT MEDI SPA New York, NYOur skin is one of the most obvious factors in facial beauty. When we begin to notice age-related changes, we may do a lot to pamper the skin and promote youthfulness. The problem with this proactive step is that quite a few of the men and women who invest time and money into anti-aging techniques and products are going about it all wrong. Here, we want to discuss a key point: what you put on your skin does matter.

The Starting Point of Skin Care

There is a place to start if you want to maximize your skincare routine: your skin. We’ve discussed the value of a clean slate in previous pieces and will mention in briefly here. Most people have a biofilm on the surface of their skin. We often refer to this as the stratum corneum.

This outermost layer of the skin is actually up to 20-layers of dead skin cells. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional exfoliate your skin with treatment such as microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, there is a good chance that this film of dead cells is blocking radiance, roughing up the texture of your skin, and getting in the way of product absorption.

Moving Forward

Once you have obtained your preferred treatment to fully cleanse your skin’s surface, it’s time to consider the products you are using. This is mistake number two that most people make. Can you imagine which skincare products are most-widely sold?

It isn’t necessarily those that will nourish the skin on the deepest possible level; it is the product or family of products that get the most media attention. Marketing. That’s what it all comes down to – until you know better.

We provide access to medical-grade skin care products for patients who want to maximize their skin because we recognize the value of everyday steps for prolonged radiance and youthfulness. Why does medical-grade skincare stand out? Because of approval. Here’s what we mean.

The skincare products that are sold online or in retail stores are made for everyone. They must contain the level of ingredients that will soften and soothe the skin of any person. This minimizes the capability of any commercial product to effect noticeable change. The concentration of active ingredients is low enough to minimize the chance of irritation. At the same time, this low concentration prevents maximum results.

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