benefits of laser liposuctionLiposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that has been around for quite some time. Even before the process of fat removal had been refined, men and women continually expressed immense interest in this method of body sculpting. Today, there are a few different technologies that have become integral to the outcome of liposuction. Some surgeons use ultrasound or a mildly vibrating cannula. We use laser energy.

The benefits of laser liposuction are the  following:

Minimal Invasiveness

To conduct the traditional liposuction procedure, it is necessary to use larger tubes to extract fat. More extensive movement is also required to reach the entire target area. This means a wider area of tissue disruption, which equates to more significant bruising and post-operative discomfort. Laser liposuction begins with targeted energy emissions. Laser energy is focused on fat cells in the surgical area, liquefying them very quickly. When fat cells are liquefied, they can be extracted through smaller tubes and with minimal tissue disruption.

Post-operative Recovery

Heat does more than liquefying fat cells before liposuction; it also has a positive effect on blood vessels across the surgical site. As the cannula moves through tissue, vessels are heated, which minimizes bleeding during the liposuction procedure. Instead of needing weeks to recover from surgery, patients who choose laser liposuction can often return to their normal routine (minus strenuous exercise) within a few days.

Better Body Contours

One of the unpleasant side effects that may occur after traditional liposuction is loose skin. The basic extraction of fat cells does nothing to remove or tighten what lies of subcutaneous tissue. That is unless the laser is involved. Just as laser energy heats the fat cells, and heats blood vessels, it also heats the collagen strands that run through the connective tissue beneath the skin. As these strands of protein contract, the surgical site becomes smoother, including overlying skin. This means a more sculpted appearance.

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