Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: About that Sitting Thing

Brazilian Butt Lift New York, NY | Dr. Z. Paul LorencWe are moving away from the widespread desire among women to substantially increase the projection and roundness of the buttocks. This waning trend, however, has not diminished interest in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The meticulous insertion of autologous fat into the buttocks remains beneficial for women who want to restore or obtain proportionate curvature to the backside of the body.

Proportions and curves are what BBL is all about. While patients can look forward to the final results from their procedure, the tiny detail that may stick them (and stand in the way of their surgery) is the sitting thing. It is common knowledge that patients are “not allowed” to sit for two weeks after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. When you consider how often you may sit at this time in your life, the idea of not sitting for two whole weeks, and also not lying on your back, can be more than a little daunting.

Why so Strict?

In the first few weeks after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, the primary objective is to let newly introduced fat cells make themselves at home in their new body part. There is significant value in the fat transfer technique, including lasting results. But to achieve those results, we’ve got to support the integration of harvested fat cells with those that have always lived across the backside. The direct pressure that occurs while sitting minimizes blood flow to the area, which can decrease the viability of those newly implanted cells. This is why the “no sitting rule.”

Patients can sit to use the bathroom without concern that they will damage their delicate new derriere padding. However, all another sitting should be avoided as much as possible. If necessary, one may sit for a short period using a proper cushion that takes pressure off of the buttocks and places it on the thighs.

Patients may walk as they feel comfortable after BBL surgery. Walking is good for the circulation that is needed for healing, and it inhibits the formation of blood clots in the legs due to inactivity. As the weeks pass after Brazilian Butt Lift, physical activity may be gradually increased in duration and intensity.

It takes between 3 and 6 months for harvested fat to fully stabilize in the buttocks after BBL surgery. Until that time, patients are encouraged to be gentle with their return to exercise and long periods of sitting.

We’re happy to answer your questions about Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Contact our NYC office for a consultation.

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