Brazilian Butt Lift
For individuals who desire curvier, fuller, rounder buttocks, butt augmentation has become the procedure of choice. It is also referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Am I A Candidate for A Brazilian Butt Lift?
A Brazilian Butt Lift might be right for you if you desire a fuller, more shapely buttocks. Many butt lift patients experience sagging skin or cellulite issues and excess skin caused by pregnancy.

What Can I Expect During the Buttock Augmentation Procedure?
Dr. Lorenc will harvest fat from other areas of the body that have excesses via liposuction such as the stomach, thighs and upper hip. Dr. Lorenc then takes the same fat and injects it into the buttocks in a layered fashion. This adds dimension and makes the area appear to be rounder and have a “lifted” appearance.