Breast Augmentation NYC | breast lift Dr. Z. Paul LorencWeight loss. It is a hot topic throughout the country today as we are realizing the immense impact of obesity. In recent years, Americans have lost thousands upon thousands of pounds. While positive changes in lifestyle can improve health and physique, women often feel concerned about how their breasts will respond to a significant drop in weight.

The primary tissue in breasts is fat. Therefore, it makes complete sense to assume that fat loss equates to a potential decrease in breast size. Should this occur, a woman may feel somewhat torn with the results of her weight loss. On one hand, it can be a confidence-booster to fit into clothing that was once uncomfortable. On the other hand, most women feel dissatisfied and self-conscious if the breasts are loose and saggy. Dr. Lorenc consults with women in such situations, discussing the benefits of breast augmentation surgery with or without a breast lift.

Lift or Augment? Which is Right?

Most women are aware that there are several breasts procedures that may be performed to improve body proportions. Still, breast augmentation with implants remains the most sought-after procedure. When you seek post weight-loss surgery, it is important to consult with an experienced surgeon who understands that your body and expectations are unique. Breast augmentation can create a fuller, shapelier appearance, yes; but that is not the only consideration that needs to be made.

When consulting with patients about breast surgery, Dr. Lorenc is mindful of the end-goal, which is to restore the most authentic appearance using meticulous technique. In some cases, enhancing volume with implants is only one piece of the whole contour-enhancing pie. Some patients also need a breast lift, which will tighten the skin that lies over the breasts and create a higher, perkier appearance.

It is a big decision to undergo plastic surgery of any kind. The first step in getting the appearance that you want to live in forever is to speak with a surgeon whom you trust. Dr. Lorenc has been in practice for more than 25 years, and is renowned for his expertise and artistic ability. To discuss your options for post weight-loss breast surgery, call (212) 472-2900.