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Breast Augmentation Recovery and your Fitness Routine

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breast augmentation recovery

Breast Augmentation and your Fitness Routine

There are several ingredients that go into looking and feeling your best. Enhancing the body with breast implants can be a wonderful way to complement the other steps you take to complete your look. But looking good has just begun because there is the breast augmentation recovery.

If another aspect of quality of life is staying fit with a strict exercise routine, you’ll want to know what to expect after your curve-creating procedure.

The breast augmentation recovery process is relatively easy for most patients. This is good, on one hand, but it can also create a misperception as it pertains to physical activity. It seems logical to want to get back into your workout routine when you’re feeling up to it. The thing is, “feeling up to it” isn’t a good indicator that your body can handle your workouts.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Here are some suggestions on how to plan your re-entry into the world of physical fitness:

  • Trust the expert. That is your doctor. Whether you choose to have breast augmentation performed by NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Lorenc or another physician, you should expect to be advised to wait until post-op follow up visits to even think about working out. Because your surgeon has the most familiarity with your case, he is the expert to trust when it comes to post-surgical activities.
  • Trust your body. The expert voice that you need to heed, after your doctor, is your own body. This is especially important once you are back in the gym, on the treadmill, or in the yoga studio. Settling takes place over several months, and your body needs a good amount of time to fully recuperate after breast augmentation. If your body says “stop,” listen.
  • Schedule a rest day. As you reintroduce exercise into your life after cosmetic plastic surgery, do yourself a favor by scheduling a mandated rest day into your routine. In fact, schedule more than you think you need. This way, you can stay on the safe side of balancing recovery with fitness.
  • Ease into the upper body exercises. Fly’s and chest presses require the exact muscles disrupted during surgery to fire. They may not be ready as quickly as you imagine. Don’t go straight for your old weight; go lighter in the beginning.

Breast augmentation is a safe and effective way to enhance your body shape. To learn more about this procedure, call (212) 472-2900.


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