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Breast Enhancement: When Size Does Matter

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Breast Enhancement: When Size Does Matter

When deciding to augment your breasts, bigger is not always better. Every woman’s body is different.  Hence, a size that will work on one woman would be difficult to create on another. You must take your existing body proportions into account when you think about the type of breast implants you want.

While you’re used to talking about breast size in terms of the bra size you wear, breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc3). About 150 to 200 ccs is the equivalent of one to one-and-a-half cup sizes.

When determining your best size for breast implants, you and your doctor need to consider the width of your chest and how wide each breast would be. You must take into consideration how big your breasts are now and what size implant they can withstand. When you work with Dr. Lorenc, he can help you arrive at the best decision for your body type. That way,  you can avoid additional corrective surgeries.

“Patients should consider how they want your profile to look and how comfortable they’d be with breasts in a new size.  When I consult patients, I help them visualize the results at different sizes and also recommend what would work for their body type.” Lorenc says.

Breast Implants – Your Options

As far as implant filler choices, Dr. Lorenc uses many types of filler based on patient request, but silicone gel is his first choice.  The reason is that it provides a more natural feel.  Fat grafting may also be an option for women who want to lose weight in other areas of their bodies and transfer that fat to their breasts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, PlasticSurgery.Org, has more information on the various types of breast implants.

Dr. Lorenc has perfected a variety of breast augmentation surgery techniques that dramatically improve the appearance of breasts. This includes small, unshapely, or uneven breasts needing surgical implants for added volume, shape and fullness. To learn more about the procedure and Dr. Lorenc’s philosophy, visit



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