Breast Lift | Breast ImplantsA woman’s body may change permanently as a result of pregnancy, regardless of whether or not she also chooses to breastfeed. Weight loss can also affect body shape in unpredictable ways. One of the common concerns that we hear from women after they have had children or lost weight is how their breasts have lost volume and shape. This natural byproduct of expansion and subsequent shrinkage of fat cells in breast tissue can rob a woman of her optimal sense of self.

Breast lift surgery provides a woman with a straight path back to shapelier, younger-looking breasts. The mastopexy procedure, which repositions the breasts on the chest wall, does something completely different than breast augmentation. Because mastopexy is focused on repositioning only, patients may feel uncertain whether they can obtain their desired result if they do not augment the breasts with implants. Ultimately, it really depends on the expected outcome.

Positioning or Fullness: that is a Question

Choosing to incorporate breast augmentation into the mastopexy procedure is a personal choice that comes down to the desired fullness a woman wants to have. When we lift the breasts, no volume is added. However, the repositioning of existing tissue creates a better profile, and may make the breasts appear more shapely as a result of the heightened position. What may remain even after a breast lift is a slight slope on the upper part of the breast. If more volume at the upper pole is desired, we may discuss how implants can achieve this.

You can Always Wait

Breast augmentation is a big decision that many women feel uncertain about, even when they know they need and want a lift. Unless you are certain about the addition of implants, you may play the waiting game. Schedule your mastopexy and see how you feel about your new shape. If you tend to prefer an all-natural look, chances are you will feel satisfied with your choice. And, if you find that you would like some additional volume after your breasts have been reshaped with the lift procedure, there is still the opportunity to have breast augmentation at a later date.

One of the primary reasons that women hesitate in their decision to augment deflated breasts, rather than just lift them, is because they fear they will lose their natural curvature. The methods and products that are involved in breast augmentation today are tailored to authentic shape and, in many cases, to a smaller size.

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