Breast Procedures

Time, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and weight gain all have an impact of the appearance, volume and shape of the breast. Perfect the roundness, cleavage, and fullness of the breast through enhancement to deliver confidence boosting results while maintaining a natural appearance. With the expert guidance of Dr. Lorenc lift, enhance, reduce, or reconstruct the breasts improving shape and symmetry for beautiful natural looking results.

Breast Augmentation

Feel more confident in fitted clothing by improving the shape, size and fullness of the breast. Sagging breasts can be caused by a variety of reasons including age, pregnancy, and weight loss. Lift and firm the breasts while also correcting symmetry for shapelier and curvier appearance.

Breast Lift

Age, gravity, weight loss, and breastfeeding are the leading causes for breasts to sag, lose shape and volume. Bring back a lifted breast by removing excess skin and improving it’s natural youthful position and shape. For optimal results combine with breast augmentation for a complete breast transformation.

Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can cause back and shoulder pain as well other medical problems that can worsen over time. Reduce the breast size to ease discomfort by removing excess breast fat and tissue creating breasts in proportion to the body. Combine with a breast lift for optimal results.

Fat transfer to Breast

Gravity and time can result in breasts that are less full, and sagging breast tissue. Lipogems leverages innovative technology that can promote the body’s own regeneration processes using harvested fat. Restore breast volume with a minimally invasive fat transfer resulting in more natural looking results and fuller breasts.

Breast Reduction-Men

Improve confidence and reduce pain associated with physical activity with a breast reduction. Treating gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is a common condition among males done by reducing the chest through the removal of excess fat and tissue. Restore a natural masculine appearance by flattening and firming the breast area.