We all have various aspects of our lives that we cannot control, and many that we can. When the size and shape of the body are not exactly as we’d like, managing what we wear and what we do and how we do it can feel like a daily challenge.

Breast Reduction in NYC

For women, breast size may be the factor that creates frustration. In this case, we’re not talking about the disappointment that some women feel about small breast size. What we want to discuss here is how reshaping large breasts can be just what you need to live a better life.

Large Breasts: What a Pain!

One of the chief complaints that we assume we may hear from women with large breasts is that they are physically uncomfortable. No doubt, the weight of substantial breast tissue pulls on the bra straps, often creating indentations in the shoulders. But bras have been made to reduce this stress by increasing the width of straps. In addition to strap irritation, hefty breasts also pull on the upper back and the neck. But that’s not all.

The other “pains” that come from having large breasts extend beyond the obvious physical frustration. Large breasts may be difficult to fit regarding bra size. And clothing? This is an even bigger problem because larger sizes may fit the breasts but hand around the midsection. Having to wear larger sized clothing to accommodate breast size may lead to the illusion of excess weight where there is none. Women with large breasts often complain about the emotional frustration they feel at the attention their breasts receive, or at the fact that exercise is enormously uncomfortable. None of this is acceptable. Fortunately, none of this has to be tolerated, either.

Breast Reduction for Improved Quality of Life

Breast reduction surgeries have increased in recent years as a result of more women realizing they can benefit immensely from making this choice. During this body-shaping procedure, breast tissue is excised to refine shape and size to fit body proportions. Excess skin is removed, and the areolas and nipples are positioned appropriately to display perkiness and shape.

There are so many things in life that are out of your control, such as the amount of traffic you will encounter on your way to work. How you look and feel on a daily basis, though, is something that you can manage with the right steps. Let us help you feel more comfortable and confident. Call (212) 472-2900 to discuss breast reduction or other breast procedures.