Wrinkles and “frown lines” develop as the muscles, tendons, and skin undergo normal age-related changes. For some patients, the appearance of these lines make them feel as though they look more serious than they actually feel, or even angry. If these changes start to bother you, a brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, may be considered to elevate the brow or reduce the look of wrinkles and improve the youthful appearance of your face.

For patients who are looking for a long-lasting brow lift in New York City, Dr. Lorenc performs an endoscopic brow lift, a surgical procedure that he pioneered more than 20 years ago. This procedure tightens and lifts lax skin in the forehead and brow, whether the brow has sagged due to normal aging or genetic predisposition.

Dr. Lorenc’s surgical objective during a brow lift is to subtly improve and refresh, rather than drastically alter, the appearance of the upper portion of the face.

For more information on a nonsurgical brow lift using Botox or other neuromodulators, please visit our injectables page.

Who is an ideal candidate?

You may consider a brow lift if you are bothered by the visible signs of aging in the upper portion of your face. This may include:

• Drooping or sagging eyebrows
• Hooded eyebrows, caused by skin relaxation due to aging or genetics
• Deep lines across the forehead or “frown lines” between the eyebrows

Other considerations that should be weighed when determining if a brow lift is right for you include:

• Your health: No underlying health conditions that may make healing more difficult
• Your expectations: Individuals should approach a brow lift with positive and realistic expectations