Cellulite Treatment in NYC

Cellulite Treatment in NYC

Cellulite Treatment

Up to 85% of women are plagued with cellulite. So often, working out and dieting do not get rid of it. There are many products and treatments promising to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but most are ineffective or do not offer long lasting results.

Cellulite Treatment in NYC

However, a new breakthrough in cosmetic technology, CelluSmooth™, is an effective and safe procedure for treating cellulite with longer-lasting, visible results. Read more about CelluSmooth™ Laser below.

Quick Facts

  • Simple three-step process
  • IV sedation
  • Minimally invasive
  • Quick treatment time

Is It Right For You?

CelluSmooth laser treatment might be right for you if:

  • You have dimpled skin associated with cellulite

The Procedure

  • Step 1 – The first CelluSmooth™ laser severs the bands that create cellulite
  • Step 2 – The second CelluSmooth™ laser melts excess fat that can be removed through liposuction
  • Step 3 – The final CelluSmooth™ laser heats the dermis above to smooth and tighten the affected skin

Recovery and Healing

  • Most patients return to their daily activities almost immediately post treatment
  • Results with CelluSmooth™ are as good as and usually better than other minimally invasive cellulite procedures
  • Results are cumulative and may be visible in less than one month, with continuous improvement for up to six months

Are you ready to get rid of the cellulite bumbs that are keeping you from wearing short skirts, shorts or a bikini? What if you could reduce fat while tightening the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery for a more rejuvenated and confident look?

With the breakthrough technology of the ZWave Pro and CelluSmooth Laser these goals are within reach. You can tighten and firm your skin while stimulating collagen for a more youthful appearance in as little as 2 office visits.

The ZWave Pro and the CelluSmooth Laser

Both the ZWave Pro and CelluSmooth Laser are clinically proven to be safe and effective in visibly reducing or eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

After the treatment your skin will be firmer, smoother, and more youthful. Not only that, these non-invasive and virtually painless treatments have been proven to improve the skin connectivity and elasticity in many areas of the body including:

  • Legs
  • Butt
  • Stomach
  • Underarms / tricep area

The ZWave Pro

The ZWave Pro uses high energy radial waves to safely and effectively tighten and firm skin on the body painlessly. Using this technology the ZWave Pro improves:

  • Appearance of cellulite or stretch marks
  • Collagen production in your skin
  • Skin firmness and elasticity
  • Blood circulation
  • Appearance of scars

The ZWave Pro is a safe and clinically tested medical device used to reduce cellulite and tighten your skin on targeted treatment areas, including the legs and butt.

The technologically advanced treatment uses high energy radial waves to pulse energy into the skin. These high energy radial waves will then break up the fat and gas bubbles that exist within cellulite. Breaking up those fat and gas bubbles causes an increased blood flow within the area, resulting in rejuvenation of the skin cells, boosted collagen production, and strengthening of connective tissue.

The CelluSmooth Laser

The CelluSmooth Laser safely and effectively treats and reduces cellulite from the body. Delivering long term results, the CelluSmooth Laser can be used almost anywhere on the body that cellulite and dimpled skin is a problem. It is especially effective on areas like your thigh, butt, and stomach.

Using state of the art technology, the CelluSmooth Laser leverages 3 separate minimally invasive lasers to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. The 3 nodes of the laser leverage advanced wavelengths to target the cellulite in order to:

  • Sever the hard-to-break cellulite bands under the surface of the skin
  • Melt excess fat from the area
  • Smooth and tighten the skin restoring a youthful appearance

What Are the Benefits of Treatment

The ZWave Pro and CelluSmooth Laser improve the structure and connective tissue in your skin and can also boost collagen production. Improving the structure and firmness of your skin reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores a more youthful tightness to the treated areas.

Both the ZWave Pro and the CelluSmooth Laser:

  • Have been clinically tested and approved by the FDA
  • Are non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Are simple treatments with minimal discomfort that can be completed in minutes
  • Require little to no downtime

These treatments deliver visible results on their own when targeting your desired problem areas. They can also be safely combined with other non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction procedures such as Laser liposuction for more dramatic contouring results.

What to Expect During Treatment

First, it is important to complete a consultation to determine the best course of treatment to meet your specific needs.

There are not special preparations required for either of these treatments. The treatments themselves are virtually painless and last only about 30 minutes depending on each of the areas you are targeting.

Generally, patients getting the ZWave Pro treatment require multiple short sessions to achieve their optimal results, but many have reported visible results after only 2 sessions. The Cellusmooth Laser delivers visible results after one treatment, but subsequent sessions can completed to further enhance results.

Since there is little to no downtime, you can resume normal activities as soon as you leave the office.

Which Treatments Is Right for You

The ZWave Pro and CelluSmooth Laser will provide visible skin rejuvenation and increased confidence in both men and women. Getting rid of cellulite, and stretch marks doesn’t have to be out of reach, you can wear shorts with newfound confidence after completion of the treatment.

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to meet with a skilled professional. We will take time to understand your unique concerns and make a recommendation on whether the CelluSmooth Laser or the ZWave Pro is the best choice for you.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

What are you waiting for? Life changing results are only minutes away. Restoring skin to a smoother and more youthful state has never been easier or more effective.

If you are ready to get rid of cellulite, improve the appearance of stretch marks, and tighten hour skin, the CelluSmooth Laser or the ZWave Pro might be right for you. Call our office today at (212) 472-2900 to schedule your in-person consultation.