Up to 85% of women experience the lumpy, bumpy skin characteristic of cellulite. There are many products and treatments that promise to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but most are ineffective or do not have long-lasting results. To treat cellulite, Dr. Lorenc uses only treatments with proven efficacy that address the root causes of cellulite, including laser treatment with CelluSmoothTM and injection with QWO.

CelluSmoothTM is a breakthrough, minimally invasive laser treatment in which a small laser probe is placed under the skin through a small incision. Laser therapy improves the look of your skin by:

• Severing the fibrous septae that create cellulite
• Melting away excess fat, which can then be removed by liposuction
• Heating the affected area, which smooths and tightens the overlying skin

QWO, a minimally invasive injection, improves the appearance of cellulite by:
• Enzymatically disrupting the fibrous septae known to cause the cellulite dimples

For either treatment, Dr. Lorenc’s objective is to provide a safe and effective procedure for treating cellulite with longer-lasting, visible results.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Treatment may be right for you if you are bothered by your dimpled skin associated with cellulite. Based on your own personal goals and factors that may contribute to your cellulite, the optimal treatment will be personalized for you.

Other considerations that should be weighed when determining if cellulite treatment is right for you include:

• Your health: No underlying health conditions that may make healing more difficult
• Your expectations: Individuals should approach CelluSmoothTM laser therapy or injection with QWO with positive and realistic expectations.