Motherhood is one of the most meaningful endeavors a woman encounters. The years of pregnancies and childrearing, though filled with joy, may also sometimes feel like they will go on forever.

Mommy Makeover New York, NY

To be frank, there is a relative loss of independence that occurs as your body makes space for another, and then nourishes, quite literally, that tiny human. In the thick of motherhood, finding time to do the things that bring about ultimate confidence and satisfaction can be difficult. The thing is, it’s worth it to do that.

A Mommy Makeover addresses the cosmetic concerns that result from the biological process of mothering, from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond.

  • Abdominal changes. The abdomen may carry the brunt of the physical change of pregnancy due to the midsection being home to the womb. When the abdomen expands, the muscles, superficial tissue, and skin across the stomach change dramatically. While these structures are designed to stretch to a certain extent, bouncing back is often impossible. Surgery may be performed to reconnect separated muscle tissue in the abdominal cavity. At the same time, the abdominoplasty procedure can remove excess skin that has become significantly loose, and may even be able to address a certain amount of stretch marks or C-section scarring.
  • The breasts begin to change long before breastfeeding. Many women experience a jump in breast size as much as two cup sizes before their delivery date. This is due to the addition of fat cells across the body and, in particular, in the breasts. Milk-producing glands also enlarge to prepare for breastfeeding. Usually, breast tissue returns to pre-pregnancy size after milk ducts have decreased in size and weighed has declined. That doesn’t mean overlying skin bounces back, though. Breast surgery to enlarge size and shape, or lift existing breast tissue, is often integral to the Mommy Makeover.
  • The pregnant body naturally needs more fat to support the optimal mother and fetal health. There is no way to predict where the body will store fat, nor how it will release extra fat after childbirth. Many mothers struggle to regain control over fat stores after delivery. In addition to health lifestyle habits, liposuction during a Mommy Makeover can facilitate the return of beautiful proportions.

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