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Defying Gravity: Sculpting Your Skin

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ThermiTight in new york city | Dr. Paul Lorenc

Defying Gravity by Skin Sculpting

For most of us as we age, gravity seems to win. Skin sags more, skin folds develop, cellulite appears. Your skin gives away your age, no matter how you dress or act. We use cute names like “love handles”, “turkey neck”, and “bat wings”, but the truth is that they all seem to shout to the world just how old you are. There are surgeries that are available to change all that, but surgeries require down time and may be costly. Well, Dr. Lorenc has a new skin sculpting technique for you called ThermiTight™.

What Is Thermitight™?

ThermiTight™ is an office procedure for skin sculpting and improve sagging skin. Using a small amount of local anesthetic, the ThermiTight™ wand is introduced under the skin in the areas that need tightening. A Thermal Image Guidance™ system monitors your skin temperature, and Dr. Lorenc applies radiofrequency waves under the skin to tighten the area.

The results are immediate and dramatic. In the skilled hands of Dr. Lorenc, the sagging area tightens up to give a more youthful, natural appearance. Over time the body’s self-repair system kicks in, adding collagen and tightening the skin even more.

Dr. Lorenc strongly believes in the technology used in ThermiTight™; he is obtaining fantastic results with essentially no downtime to his patients.

“This system was designed with patient safety in mind,” remarks Lorenc. “Not only does it protect the skin surface from injury, it keeps patients from having to have anesthesia and a prolonged recovery.”

Do you have any parts of your body where you seem to be losing the battle with gravity? Schedule a consultation to discuss the new, advanced, and effective ThermiTight™ treatment for your sagging or loose skin.

  • Office procedure, requires only local anesthesia
  • Pulsed radiofrequency technology with Thermal Image Guidance™ to help prevent injury to skin
  • Heat causes collagen fibers to contract
  • Healing process afterwards results in new collagen formation and firmer skin
  • No need for prolonged time off work
  • Fast, effective, affordable way to treat sagging or loose skin from aging, weight loss, childbirth


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