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Details about Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)Millions of people have had a nose job. Some of them, like Michael Jackson, go a little too far. Most are so subtle that you would never know that it took surgery to create such a beautiful feature. More people are talking about their cosmetic surgery endeavors today, and that is good news because it allows you to learn more about what to expect before you commit to any procedure or any particular surgeon. Here, we will look at some important points regarding rhinoplasty.

Age is a Matter of Importance

There are two ways that age is important in the rhinoplasty process. First, a person needs to have a fully developed facial structure before this surgery can be performed. Otherwise, results could be unpredictable. The second aspect of age is the emotional requirements of undergoing a facial surgery. Rhinoplasty recovery takes time. Results are not always perfectly symmetrical down to the tiniest measure. Emotional maturity enables a patient to develop realistic expectations, and to manage them.

Managing those Expectations

Here’s what you can get from rhinoplasty . . . you can get your best nose. Here’s what you can’t get: someone else’s nose. Your results are determined by several factors, including the thickness of your skin, existing skeletal structure, and the condition of your cartilage. Even if you are given a virtual preview of the predicted outcome of rhinoplasty, it is vital to understand that some degree of variance is to be expected.

Patience is a Virtue

If you would describe yourself as an impatient person (or a perfectionist), rhinoplasty is something to think long and hard about. It can take up to two years to see the final results from your procedure. Sure, swelling and bruising dissipate in a matter of weeks. However, there is no magic timing for the appearance of your new nose to become obvious. This is because skin continues to contract over time, and bones and cartilage take time to fully heal. Until this happens, slight swelling may persist.

Here’s one last important fact about rhinoplasty: less than one-quarter of patients feel the need to have revisions made to their initial procedure.
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