The brotox party nyc | male botox new york | Dr. Z. Paul LorencWriting to share that Dr. Lorenc was featured in a segment last night on CBS New York that was titled, “The Brotox Party.” The piece is also running on CBS NY News Online, where a direct hyperlink to the Lorenc Plastic Surgery website is included.

Dr. Lorenc is included in the segment as the expert administering the Botox treatments, and he speaks about the rise of these injectable procedures. He states, “I think it’s driven by social media to a large extent. It’s also representative of a tremendous increase, 20 percent increase, from last year to this year of injectables such as Botox.” The male patients spoke about how they feel better about themselves after coming in as a group for Botox, and pictures/video of the guys out at the bar afterward were also included.

The reporter also noted that Botox should “always be administered in a proper medical setting by trained professionals.” Dr. Lorenc was credited in the segment as “Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon.”


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