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What is a Face Lift by Syringe?

A Face Lift by Syringe (or a “Liquid Face Lift”) is a procedure that can add volume to the face and restore a rejuvenated, youthful appearance without the cost, risk, or pain associated with surgery.

Facelift by Syringe

Quick Facts

  • Dermal Filler administered by injection on site in our office
  • No anesthesia required
  • Little discomfort
  • Immediate effects; lasting results for up to two years

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

If you have any of the following conditions, you may be a good candidate for a liquid face lift:

  • Aged, droopy skin around the face or forehead area
  • Creases or wrinkles on the forehead, eyes, or face
  • Loss of collagen or elasticity in the face tissue

The Procedure

Dr. Lorenc will decide which dermal filler is right for your specific procedure/area. A dermal filler will be directly administered by injection in a safe, medical environment. Dermal fillers encourage the build up of new collagen in facial tissues, and create a fuller, more contoured face.

Recovery Process

Results are usually noticeable immediately. Swift recovery time. Patients are often able to return to daily routines immediately after leaving the office. Results can last up to two years, and can be maintained with follow-up treatments

Schedule A Consultation

If you are interested in a Face Lift by Syringe and would like to see if you are a good candidate, contact our NYC office at (212) 472-2900 to schedule a consultation.