Considering a facelift?
Aging is inevitable, but when the changes on your face start to bother you — such as sagging skin, loose skin on the neck and a poorly defined jawline — the idea of a facelift is common.
A facelift is the only rejuvenation option that will provide you with long-lasting rejuvenating results that will last up to 10 years.

What is a Face Lift?
A Face Lift is perhaps one of the least understood of all aesthetic surgical procedures. Many people believe that a person needs to be quite mature to have this procedure done, or that the procedure itself results in a tight, expressionless “operated-on” look. In Dr. Lorenc’s opinion, today’s advanced Face Lift options work as well for patients in their 40s as they do for patients in their 70s, and his surgical objective is to subtly improve and refresh, rather than drastically alter, a patient’s overall appearance.

Types of Face Lifts
Mini-Face Lift: Known as a limited-incision lift, this technique is ideal for younger patients with early signs of aging and sagging. It is less invasive and uses shorter incisions.
Mid-Face Lift: Designed to treat just the mid-face area, this type of lift elevates the cheeks to a more youthful position.
Full Face Lift: This lift targets other more serious signs of aging such as excess sagging and skin laxity, deep creases and jowling. It also provides the longest-lasting results.

Benefits of having a Face Lift at the early age

Better healing*: Most often, having surgery when you’re younger means that you should have an easier recovery.
Reduced cost: If you haven’t entered the full-fledged realm of aging, you may not need to tack on additional surgeries.
Prevention*: Patients used to wait until their faces started to fall before they would lift it. Doing surgery early may help preserve the structure before it sags.