Fat Transfer in NYC

Fat Transfer in NYC

Fat Transfer

Changing the Way We Feel About Fat

Do you remember the first time you noticed a tired look in the mirror? Or the first time you noticed your breasts weren’t as full as they used to be and would want a more natural option such as fat transfer?

Lipogems Fat Transfer to the Breast

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning noticing you’ve aged backward? Feeling as if you’ve taken a sip from the fountain of youth, and it has taken effect?

You see, as we age, we naturally begin to lose fat in and around the face. This leads to sunken eyes, sagging skin along the jawline, and loss of fullness.

And unfortunately, the same happens to women’s breasts.

So, it only makes sense to use fat to restore a more youthful appearance, right?

Today, your own body fat can be harnessed to restore lost volume and add fullness to your face and breasts!

Not only does fat play a huge part in keeping us looking and feeling young, it promotes healthy-looking skin, which dermal fillers can only attempt to replicate.

An award-winning technology is changing the way we feel about fat.

Introducing Puregraft

Puregraft logoPuregraft is a revolutionary new way of harvesting fat to take full advantage of its healing and regenerative properties to keep you looking young.

You hear it all the time… millions of women turning to dermal filler injections or breast implants to look and feel more youthful.

Wouldn’t you love to have fuller breasts and look decades younger, but without going under the knife or getting fillers? Puregraft is a good option involving fat transfer but better.

No doubt, everyone’s looking for a more natural way to turn back the clock.

Thanks to Puregraft , it is here.

What is Puregraft ?

Puregraft is a painless, innovative fat tissue treatment used to concentrate and relocate a patient’s own fat for the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.

In other words, Puregraft process and harvest your own body’s fat tissue to support different areas of your body while it heals itself. It is a fat transfer but with even more advantages.

Not only is Puregraft for in reconstructive surgeries, it’s also for aesthetic procedures. This includes plastic surgery, and other treatments by promoting the natural regenerative process of cell tissues.

How does Lipogems work

Since World War I, the potential properties of fat have been recognized and sought after. This includes the healing, repairing, and regeneration of tissue.

It was only in recent years that scientists learned to harvest and preserve the regenerative capacity of adipose tissue to improve the quality and longevity of fat transfer results.

The specific treatment of Lipogems cleanses and refines the adipose (fat) tissue in 3 crucial processes:

  1. Fat harvesting procedure. In a minimally invasive procedure, your doctor will collect small amounts of fat from areas of your body.  Such areas include your midsection, thighs, or “love handles”
  2. Gently processing the fat. Your collected fat is then processed in a unique Lipogem’s device using only a sterile saline solution to rinse away any toxins, impurities, and inflammatory elements. The device thus cleans and resizes fat to smaller groups while keeping together the natural beneficial properties
  3. Let the natural rejuvenation begin. Once the fat is resized into micro-fragments, it’s the ideal size to accelerate regeneration in the treatment site(s). Your doctor will then use a small needle to inject the Lipogems treatment into the desired site(s) and the rejuvenation will begin

And what’s even better…

Research has shown age has no effect on the reparative properties of fat

How can you benefit from Lipogems

With the help of Lipogems, your skin will be revitalized and you’ll look rejuvenated. No doubt, your friends and family will wonder if you’ve found the fountain of youth!

Lipogems can help restore lost facial volume for the entire face including around:

  • the eyes
  • the 11’s between the eyes
  • the lips and the lip lines
  • cheeks
  • temples and
  • jawline

It also greatly improves vitality, tone, and elasticity of the skin. It is the perfect equation for giving you a more youthful, vibrant look!

What to expect with Lipogems

As the skin begins to regenerate after the treatment, you’ll notice a lifting effect which results in reduced sagging along the jawline and minimized fine lines and wrinkles.

Even better, the downtime for this procedure is virtually non-existent. Within a couple days, you’ll find your face and body more contoured and sculpted to perfection, ready for the world to admire.

What are the Benefits of Lipogems

Lipogems has been successfully used to repair damaged tissues (after injury or operation), reduce inflammation, treat joint issues, and help with arthritis.

Unlike dermal fillers, injected Lipogems fat cells do not require additional injections every few months. On the contrary, the surviving fat cells will remain permanently.

Lipogems treatment is not only perfect for adding lost volume to various areas.  It also improves the firmness and tone of the skin over time. This is due to the high concentration of regenerative cells in the Lipogems fluid.

So for years after the treatment, you’ll find that there will be a dramatic reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots!

Is Lipogems right for you?

If you’re searching for a way to turn back the clock without going under the knife, consider Lipogems.

It’s the most natural filler you can get to restore lost volume in the face and breasts.

Whether you’re wanting to add a bit of volume under your eyes to reduce the look of fatigue or restore your breasts to the desired fullness, Lipogems may be the perfect solution for you.

Uncover the Potential of Lipogems

Discover what Lipogems can do for you. It is as simple as booking a consultation. In fact, Dr. Lorenc is the first doctor to offer Lipogems to his patients in the NYC area!