As we age, we naturally begin to lose fat, which can lead to reduced fullness of the breasts. Fat helps maintain a fuller, healthier appearance.

Your own body fat can be harnessed to restore lost volume and add fullness to your breasts. Fat plays a key role in keeping us looking and feeling young and contains regenerative properties which fillers can only partially replicate.

Dr. Lorenc uses Puregraft, a painless, innovative fat tissue transfer treatment used to concentrate and redistribute a person’s own fat for the repair, regeneration, and augmentation of damaged tissue. The Puregraft process involves harvesting your own body’s fat tissue from regions where there is excess to support other areas of the body. Puregraft is used for both reconstructive and aesthetic purposes to promote natural and regenerative healing processes.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is most often used by women with smaller breasts who wish to enhance their breast size with more natural results, but may be considered by anyone wishing to perform a breast augmentation.

Other considerations that should be weighed when determining if fat transfer breast augmentation is right for you include:

• Your health: No underlying health conditions that may make healing more difficult
• Your expectations: Individuals should approach fat transfer breast augmentation surgery with positive and realistic expectations