fat transfer | NYCFat. It can be a pesky little problem that you want to get rid of. In our practice, fat-reducing procedures like liposuction are often discussed with patients wanting to finally bid farewell to lingering deposits across the backside or midsection. With all the talk of getting rid of fat, there has been little time to talk about the wonderful way that fat can actually accentuate the body. Now, we are hearing much more about the fat transfer technique and how it can benefit the aging face.

Fat as an Injectable
The injectables that most people recognize are those that are made in a lab. Treating lines and wrinkles with neuromodulators and dermal fillers can be fast and convenient. However, fat has been said to be the ideal filler product. The process does involve a minor liposuction procedure (added benefits!), but the adipose tissue that is extracted and processed is available for immediate use in the face or other area, such as the back of the hands.

And . . . Why would someone want to do this?
What makes fat transfer different than the usual method of facial rejuvenation is that fat is organic. While the synthetic products that are commonly used today are safe and effective, fat has properties that just can’t be replicated. First, the vascular nature of fat makes it ideal because it will expand and contract. It will continue to age as you would expect, and will behave as you want it to beneath the skin. The tissue that is inserted into the cheeks, jawline, or other area will become fully integrated with surrounding cells, achieving a look and feel that mimics nature. This integration also offers another benefit: longevity.

Fat transfer plumps the cheeks and lifts lines and wrinkles quickly and beautifully. Patients who choose this process also enjoy results that last several years (up to 7). This makes fat transfer more cost-effective than the best “special” on synthetic injectables.

Some of the most prevalent problems of cosmetic aging revolve around the natural loss of volume that occurs year after year. Rather than tighten skin over diminished structure, fat grafting restores that foundation that is needed for natural beauty.

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