Liquid Facelift NYC | ManhattanThere comes the point in time when most of us will want a lift of some sorts. Sagging jowls, flat cheeks, and under eye bags are all common reasons for seeking professional care these days, and there are suitable solutions for every one of these concerns – plus much more. The variety of treatments now available is advantageous, no doubt, but it may also cause you to lean in a direction that won’t hit the mark regarding results. Here, we’d like to discuss the differences and misconceptions of the liquid facelift versus the surgical facelift.

Advantages of Liquid Lifting

The very clear advantage of a liquid facelift process is that no surgery is involved. A liquid facelift incorporates neuromodulators like Botox to ease the appearance of lines on the upper face, including frown lines and worry lines. This type of product can also bring a slight lift to the brows. The lower two-thirds of the face, from the under-eyes down, may be rejuvenated with soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, or even with autologous fat. Dermal fillers or fat can add volume to the cheeks and temples, and fill in lines around the nose and mouth.

Advantages of Surgical Lifting

A well-performed surgical facelift is beneficial for anyone who wants noticeable, but natural-looking results from professional care. Yes, surgery is involved, and that means recovery is necessary. However, the few weeks of swelling and bruising lead to years of satisfaction with the facial aesthetic. Aging continues, that is a given, but a facelift slows that process down by several years. Surgically repositioning superficial muscle tissue and removing excess skin can sharpen up the jawline and open up the eyes. When this procedure also involves fat injections, the curves of the mid-face further promote natural beauty.

What You Need to Know

Some practices state that injectables are better than a surgical facelift because this process will achieve a more authentic result. This is not true, at least not in every situation. It may seem logical that filling the lips and cheeks and other areas, and relaxing others, is more akin to how nature works when we are young. But the fact is, we cannot completely restore natural youthfulness with the synthetic product. Too much filling is too much filling, and the results can look just as unnatural as a bad facelift.

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