Gynecomastia in NYC

Gynecomastia in NYC

Gynecomastia in Manhattan

Excess fat and glandular tissue in the breasts – is a rather common condition in men. It may be related to hormonal imbalance, medication use, or have no known cause.

Male Breast Reduction

These men may opt for a breast reduction, a procedure that removes excess tissue in the breasts.

A Male Breast Reduction requires general anesthesia and small incisions, yielding a short recovery time.

Am I a good candidate for a Male Breast Reduction?

You might be a good candidate for breast reduction if having gynecomastia causes you pain during physical activity or exercise. Many patients opt for a Male Breast Reduction if they are self-conscious that their chest seems flabby, enlarged, or over-developed.

What can I expect during the procedure?

The latest techniques for correcting gynecomastia involve the use of the ProLipo PLUS laser delivery system. Through a very small incision, the surgeon shall introduce a laser fiber underneath the skin to melt away not only fat but also excessive breast tissue. After liquefaction of the fat and excess breast tissue, the surgeon shall remove this using a very small tube, and then closes the incision.

What is the Male Breast Reduction recovery process?

You can leave the office after the one-hour post procedure. For 2 weeks, you will wear a compression garment. You should spend the first 48 hours resting (with no lifting). After 48 hours has passed, you can shower. You may return to work in 48 hours. Avoid strenuous activity and any lifting until Dr Lorenc gives clearance. You can control mild discomfort with the use of pain medication.