Male Breast Reduction NYCMillions of men suffer the ongoing consequences of excess breast tissue. With terms like “man boobs,” “moobs,” and other even less friendly descriptions floating around, a man with female-like breasts has a lot to be concerned about. The formal term for man boobs is gynecomastia. Though this condition has no bearing on general health, a man’s sense of confidence and wellness are certainly impacted.

One of the major problems with gynecomastia is that this is a relatively new topic that is being discussed. As such, there are numerous myths that can lead a man to false hope before rendering him hopeless in his quest for a viable solution. Here, we are going to separate fact from fiction so you can make a more educated decision about how you may want to address your physique.

Myth: Excess Breast Tissue is a “Fat” Problem

This can be a confusing issue because a good percentage of men who are overweight also have excess breast tissue. Fat CAN make the breasts appear bigger, but this is not the same as excess glandular and breast tissue; it’s just a matter of fat. When it is fat that is causing bigger breasts in males, it is called pseudogynecomastia.

In truth, gynecomastia is mostly a hormonal problem. When testosterone levels are not optimal, estrogen naturally rises. As a result, breast tissue is encouraged. It is perhaps because excess weight promotes an increase in estrogen that obesity is linked to gynecomastia. But . . . many men affected by this problem are at a healthy weight, busting this myth that man boobs are nothing more than fat.

Myth: Diet and exercise can Melt Away Excess Breast Tissue

This really goes back to the misperception that gynecomastia is a fat problem. Some experts encourage men with man boobs to hit the gym. However, most of us know we cannot “spot reduce” fat on any part of the body. Gynecomastia is no different. No matter how many push-ups, seated rows, or incline presses a man with true gynecomastia does, he is likely to develop more frustration than anything.

When you understand that gynecomastia is a hormonal or glandular issue, you can do away with unnecessary blame and ineffective methods of body sculpting. Millions of men have discovered that the optimal path toward a flatter chest is not found in a supplement, in the gym, nor in the refrigerator, but in the office of their experienced plastic surgeon.

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