There aren’t many people who would say they don’t like the idea of maintaining their skin to appear as youthful as possible. We’ve seen trends change in this area, and are happy to support individuals whose interest lies in sustaining skin vibrancy and overall firmness with minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as completely non-surgical modalities.

Anti Aging Treatment New York City, NY

One that has been in the spotlight recently is the Forever Young BBL™ treatment by Sciton®. Here, we want to point out a few of the benefits that can be obtained by making broad-band light a normal part of your beauty routine.

Benefits of Forever Young BBL Treatment

  • Multiple improvements. BBL doesn’t just focus on one type of improvement; it has a positive effect on subclinical conditions that haven’t even shown up on the skin yet. You may schedule your Forever Young treatment to minimize lines and wrinkles and notice that your glow has also returned, or that those tiny veins and sun spots you once had are no longer visible.
  • Support for aging cells. Research indicates positive changes at the cellular level occur when the broad-band light is absorbed into superficial tissues. What this means is that the expression of the genes in the skin is altered in a way that significantly slows aging.
  • Age can be managed at any age. Patients in their twenties get Forever Young BBL and patients in their seventies get treatment, too. The skin benefits regardless of age because that gene expression we mentioned gets better across the board.
  • It’s good for your schedule, too. One of the reasons that patients of our NYC office like Forever Young BBL are because it feels like the occasional facial. Come into the office a few times a year, spend about an hour or so, and change the way your skin ages. It’s that simple. No downtime is needed.
  • Lasting improvements. An interesting finding from research on this particular treatment has been that; the longer treatments are continued, the slower the skin ages. Some even refer to this as aging backward.

We are pleased to offer an array of skin-saving treatments in our Park Avenue office. Call (212) 472-2900 to schedule your consultation to see how we can help you age at your own pace.