Liposuction New York City, NYFor many years, men and women have known that liposuction is an excellent method of adding confidence to the self by reducing body-size. As widely-appealing as the procedure is, and as much as this procedure has evolved and the development of modern technologies, a few ideas about what liposuction is all about continuing to be off the mark. Here, we want to point out how liposuction changes the body, and how this relates to misperceptions.

The Idea about Weight

It would make sense to consider liposuction a fat-reducing procedure. In fact, there are many practices which describe the procedure as such. And why not? It removes the fat cells that you want going for good. But to think of it as a technique for fat-reduction leads many people to wrongly believe that they will see results on the scale. This is not usually the case. After such procedure,  the better place to notice results is in the physical appearance of the body. Is the waist smaller? Are the hips slimmer? These are the goals of the procedure, not to move the number on the scale.

Another Idea about Weight

Another belief that holds some people back from having the body they want is that they are too thin for this procedure. When we change the description of this procedure from “fat-reduction” to “body-sculpting,” the whole idea that one must be a certain weight to have a  lipo procedure can be laid to rest. A healthy weight means harmony between body-mass and body-frame. This means that you could be 140 pounds and have lipo, or be 175 pounds and have it. The determination about candidacy comes from a thorough consultation and examination in our New York City office.

Ideas about Weight Management after Liposuction

Having the wrong idea about weight management after liposuction could lead to frustration, and very quickly. First, it is crucial to know that it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent expansion of existing fat cells. If eating and exercise are off-track, fat cells will grow larger, possibly in the area that had been treated with liposuction. The good news about fat cell removal with the said procedure is that no new cells grow in the treated area, nor anywhere else.

Now is a great time for body-contouring. To learn more about our liposuction techniques, call our NYC office at (212) 472-2900.