vFit Plus for Intimate Wellness

New You 2018 WinnerRestoring sexual health and intimate wellness can be done easily, without a surgical procedure, and in the privacy of your own home. Using award winning technology, the vFit PLUS is the world’s first and only home-use solution for improving intimate wellness. The vFit PLUS uses advanced red-light technology to safely help improve intimate wellness.

Truth In Aging Best of 2018Did you know that Intimate wellness is a key factor in your overall health and wellness? Studies have shown time and time again that sexual wellness affects not only the physical aspects a women’s life but also emotional and social aspects.

In fact, confidence in your sexual health is a key component to quality of life.

Designed by OBGYNs and produced by a highly trusted global women’s health technology company specializing in pelvic wellness, the vFit PLUS is available exclusively through doctor offices.

We are the first and only clinic offering this innovative device in the New York City area.

The vFit PLUS Difference

Based on technology invented by NASA, the vFit PLUS uses patented red-light (LED) technology combined with gentle heat to encourage blood flow and sonic technology to improve intimacy and pleasure in the privacy of your own home.

Enhance the results of the vFit PLUS with the premium Photonic Gel. This gel was created specifically for use with the vFit PLUS. The Photonic Gel is a one-of-a-kind, water based, ultra-concentrated gel that will increase comfort and enhance the performance of the vFit PLUS.

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Why Use vFit Plus?

The vFit PLUS is the first self-administered at-home treatment for intimate wellness. With the revolutionary vFit PLUS, you can improve intimate wellness in minutes a day in as little as three weeks.

Additional benefits of the vFit PLUS include:

  • Safe solution that is non-invasive, chemical and hormone-free
  • Affordable, fraction of the cost of any surgical procedure
  • Fast, only requires up to 12 minute sessions, 2 – 4 times a week!
  • Promotes intimate wellness and increases pleasure

Is the vFit PLUS safe?

Yes, quality and safety are of the upmost importance to the vFIT PLUS technology. The FDA approved the vFIT PLUS as a low risk general wellness device in December of 2017 and the vFit PLUS device is manufactured out of high quality medical grade materials.

Getting started is simple and easy!

Combine vFit PLUS with other treatments

One can use the VFit Plus on its own, or as part of a combined treatment plan for Vaginal Rejuvenation with ThermiVa. ThermiVa is an in-office treatment under the supervision of a medical professional leveraging radio-frequency technology.

ThermiVa works by stimulating the inner and outer muscles of the vaginal region including the vaginal canal and labia. It is used to help patients achieve:

  • Reduced or even eliminated bladder incontinence
  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • A decrease in vaginal dryness and increased natural lubrication

Combining the vFit PLUS with ThermiVa will deliver optimal results.

What are the benefits of vFit PLUS?

Intimate Wellness aides in the improvement function and health of the vaginal region. Gain the confidence back to be spontaneous with sex, while enjoying it mentally and physically. Women using the vFit PLUS have reported they:

  • Enjoyed intimacy and reconnected with their partner
  • Felt confident during intercourse
  • Had a decrease in vaginal dryness and increased natural lubrication
  • Experienced increased pleasure of intercourse
  • Reduced or even eliminated bladder incontinence

Scientifically Validated

When will I notice results from the vFit PLUS?

Women have reported noticeable benefits in as little as 3 weeks. Over the course of 8 weeks women noticed enhanced vaginal comfort, pleasure with intercourse, and overall improvement in intimate wellness. Consistency in using the vFit PLUS will help deliver and maintain results.

Nine out of ten women experienced results from the vFit PLUS:

Any woman who has had a child, needs vFit PLUS… This is life-changing.

Since using vFit PLUS, I have noticed significant improvements in my overall wellness. I recommended vFit PLUS to two of my friends and they have experienced the same results. It is easy to use and it really works!

This product gave me so much confidence and desire to be intimate again.

Am I a candidate for vFit PLUS?

Women of all ages will benefit when they focus on their intimate and sexual health. Being the best version of yourself will boost confidence and improve the relationships in your life.

The vFit PLUS was created to cultivate and support the needs of women. Including those who:

  • Have had children or are affected by vaginal laxity
  • Suffer from vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse
  • Experience lost of sensitivity in the vaginal canal
  • Are in pre or post menopausal stages

If you are unsure if you are the right candidate for the vFit PLUS consult a medical expert like Dr. Lorenc for additional information.

Where can I purchase the vFit PLUS?

The vFit PLUS is currently available exclusively through licensed medical practices like ours. Purchasing the vFit PLUS or the Photonic Gel anywhere outside of a licensed medical professional’s office may result in unsafe, counterfeit devices or expired product.

Ready to start using the vFit PLUS?

When you can take steps to make changes in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule, why wouldn’t you?

The office of Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc is proud to be the first and only medical office in the state of New York currently offering the vFit PLUS. For additional information on this vFit PLUS technology or to schedule an in person consultation please reach out to the office directly at (212) 472-2900.