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tummy tuck | NYCThere are seasons for just about everything. As the trees become bare and snowflakes fall, it becomes a season of rest and reflection. Some people even change the way they eat during the different seasons of the year. And, yes, there are seasons, to some degree, of plastic surgery. Fall and winter tend to be times during which our NYC plastic surgery office sees an increase in requests for breast augmentation and body sculpting procedures like abdominoplasty. The timing makes a lot of sense, when you consider the lengthy recovery process, especially for the latter procedure.

In addition to the time of year, tummy tuck timing encompasses a few other crucial factors.


A tummy tuck is not performed to reduce waist circumference. That is a job for liposuction. While the two procedures can be performed together, there is a limit to how much fat can be removed. For this reason, patients are advised to be very near to their ideal weight; the weight they want to maintain for many years to come. If a tummy tuck is performed before a stable weight has been reached, there is a chance that a further drop in pounds will affect the final outcome of surgery.


Just as it is important to feel confident that you will not lose a substantial amount of weight after abdominoplasty, it is also necessary to think very carefully about future pregnancies. The strain of an expanding womb is placed directly on the abdominal muscles. This could cause them to not only stretch but to separate. Even the slightest separation makes it impossible to regain muscle tone without surgical correction.


The type of work a person does will factor into the timing of his or her tummy tuck. The abdominal muscles will not be able to tolerate extensive activity for several weeks post-surgery. In fact, full healing occurs over a 6-month period. While comfort level progressively improves, this does not correlate to an increase in activities. Patients whose work requires heavy lifting will need to schedule extra time off or arrange for lighter duties until cleared through a post-surgical evaluation.

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