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face procedures in NYC to defy age | Dr. Z. Paul LorencMost people know not to ask a woman her age. For ages, this has been an unwelcome intrusion on privacy. Today, men and women alike prefer to keep their age under wraps. That is unless it is common for people to guess they are much younger than they are. Are you protective of your age, and interesting in making sure that certain indicators are not giving you away? We can help.

To maintain a youthful appearance need not involve cosmetic surgery. Not always. During a consultation in our Park Avenue cosmetic surgery office, you can discuss your ideal outcome with an experienced plastic surgeon with years of practice not only performing but also developing surgical procedures. With one’s preferences in mind and the extent of improvement one needs, a personal treatment plan can be developed. For optimal results, we look beyond the face to address other areas that may be inadvertently showing age.

The Neck

There is a lot of focus on facial rejuvenation. This makes sense because the face is the first feature people see as a representation of who you are. The neck is in such proximity, though, that smooth skin on the face may be quickly overridden by wrinkles and sagging on the neck. In this regard, Botox or other neuromodulator treatment can help diminish your neck’s horizontal lines. For an all-over improvement in tone, texture, and elasticity, patients may consider laser skin resurfacing or other sophisticated skin tightening technology.

The Hands

There comes the point where it is difficult to ignore the fact that aging has had an effect on our hands. The backs of the hands are similar to the cheeks; they are covered with fat pads that lie between the skin and underlying tendons and veins. With age, these fat pads thin out and disappear, making tendons and veins appear prominent. Hand rejuvenation is possible with dermal fillers or with fat injections. A short visit for hand rejuvenation can make a world of difference in decreasing the appearance of age.

The Brows

The brows are an important indicator of age that one disregards for a time. With age, the line of the brow often starts to droop on one side or the other. Symmetrical sagging makes the eyes appear heavy, tired, or angry. To resolve this issue, we may turn to Botox. This muscle-relaxing injectable, when strategically introduced to the area of the brow, can create a mild lift that opens the eyes for a refreshed, beautiful appearance.

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