In oplastic surgery nycur New York aesthetic medicine offices, men and women of all ages find the information and precision treatments they need to obtain and maintain their desired appearance. Our entire team is dedicated to a standard of care that extends beyond a variety of treatment options. In order for each person to really feel their best requires attention to detail. For us, this begins at the very onset of care. In this blog, we touch on just a few of the services that are commonly performed to reverse the signs of aging on the face and body.

Fresh Face

With age comes changes to the skin. More than that, the connective tissues that lie beneath the skin also lose the resiliency that is needed to keep the cheeks plump, the lips voluminous, and the eyes wide and bright. Understanding what has caused these changes, the absence of substantial collagen, we have the power to change the appearance of the skin for the better.

Some of our patients choose to regain the fresh-faced look they enjoyed in their younger years by lifting and tightening with plastic surgery. The procedures that are common today range from the neck lift to the upper face lift, which involves the eyes and the forehead. In many cases, it is non-surgical techniques that restore the appearance of youth. Our patients may achieve their desired results from a combination of Botox and fillers, or with skin tightening using thermal energy devices.

Beautiful Body

Aging brings changes not only to the face, but also to the various areas of the body that give us our physique. Men and women may find that they struggle to get extra fat to leave their midsection, including the flanks. There are also concerns that women express related to the shape and size of their breasts, which most often deflate after pregnancy and nursing, or with weight loss and age.

These concerns and others can all be handled with meticulous treatment planning. Body-enhancement may achieved with minimally invasive liposuction, with abdominoplasty or breast procedures, with thigh lifting, or other approaches.

Behind the service menu we offer is a wealth of training and experience, and a commitment to give each patient the care they deserve. Contact us to schedule our Skype consultation or visit to our office.