Liposuction is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in the United States and also in countries that tend to be ahead of the game regarding innovation. That tells you something about the efficacy of this body-sculpting procedure.

Liposuction New York City, NY

The popularity of liposuction has sustained even in light of nonsurgical fat-reducing treatments, and one of the reasons why is because liposuction can do more than these other techniques. Sure, there’s a bit of downtime, but liposuction can remove more fat, faster, and from more areas than any singular nonsurgical treatment. Here are a few trouble spots you may not have realized liposuction could help.

  1. The breasts. We will say that liposuction is not an alternative to full, surgical breast reduction. The intent of breast liposuction is to refine the shape of the breasts by strategically removing small areas of excess fatty tissue. Breast liposuction may also be go-to for many men who are interested in finding freedom from gynecomastia.
  2. The chin. Perhaps we should say the double-chin on this one. Liposuction isn’t performed on the chin, but on the submental region beneath the chin and at the uppermost part of the neck. Chin liposuction is a short procedure often performed with local anesthetic and light sedation. That is how expedient and gentle the technique is. When we remove fat through a tiny cannula, the chin becomes more refined, and the jawline appears more angular. This procedure is not used to treat jowls, and it may not be appropriate if the skin on the neck has also become loose and saggy.
  3. Bra fat. Joy Behar once said “I have back fat. So what? Who Cares?” Well, most women do care about this stubborn problem. Back fat makes bulges under or over the bra strap, and may also create bulges at the armpit area around the bra strap. As you may know, this is an incredibly difficult area to sculpt with exercise. Bra fat can be a thing of the past when we put liposuction on the job.
  4. The term “cankles” has no place in the English language. The actual problem that this word describes has no place on the human form; and yet, it exists. Some people are naturally inclined to hold fat at the ankle area. Odd, we know, but it happens. And when it does, it can be distressing. To refine that shape of the ankles with liposuction takes very little time, and achieves excellent results that may otherwise be elusive.

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