Most people who consider undergoing cosmetic surgery or even nonsurgical treatments understand that they are putting their appearance into the hands of highly trained experts.

Facial Rejuvenation in NYC

Still, research indicates that there is a prevalence of pre-treatment research as part of treatment planning that is done before a call is ever made to a cosmetic surgeon. Where does this research take place? Online, of course!

Pre-Treatment Research

It is understandable that patients want to have an idea of what to expect long before they make their move toward cosmetic surgery. A high percentage of individuals polled report feeling intimidated by the whole process so, of course, they would want to have something in their arsenal of information before seeing a surgeon. The problem is, there is a problem with coming into the office with a preconceived notion about what you’re here for. Let’s look at an example of what commonly happens.

Face or Neck?

One of the requests often brought to plastic surgeons is for neck lift surgery. Lifting loose, sagging skin on the neck carries quite a few benefits. This procedure is excellent for men and women who have developed what we call “turkey neck.”  This is the loose area of skin just under the chin and down the front of the neck. A neck lift can also reduce or remove horizontal bands.  It may be able to diminish the appearance of a double chin by tightening superficial tissue.

What a neck lift can’t do, and what surprises many people, is correct jowls. Because jowls are not far behind the chin, there is an idea that lifting the neck skin will reduce these small pockets of tissue. Not so. What is needed to correct jowls is a facelift. It doesn’t have to be a full facelift, Dr. Lorenc uses varying techniques to reposition the structure of the midface for overall improvement.

One of the most important aspects of treatment planning is getting to know the patient.  Speak to certified and licensed professionals to determine your needs and get the most out of the procedure/s.