Lip Enhancement in NYC

Lip Enhancement in NYC

Lip Enhancement

Non-surgical lip enhancement is a non-invasive method to return volume, balance, and sensuality to the focal point of the face. For this procedure, Dr. Lorenc will use a variety of safe, effective dermal fillers to achieve the desired results.

Lip Enhancement

Procedure Details

Dr. Lorenc will create a customized solution for different dermal fillers to ensure you get the exact results you desire out of the procedure. Your unique lip and facial contours, and consultation with Dr. Lorenc will help him to create the perfect plan to restore a youthful, sensual appearance to your lips.

Who is the ideal candidate?

You may be a good candidate for lip enhancement surgery if you lack volume in your lips. Also, if you have thin lips and experience lack of balance.

The Procedure

Dr. Lorenc maintains a variety of safe, effective dermal fillers in his practice.

  • A dental anesthetic block will be used to numb the lips prior to treatment.
  • Lorenc will then use a syringe to inject your lips with the dermal filler solution.

Recovery Process

  • Post-injection your lips may swell for one or two days
  • Lips may bruise slightly
  • Icing lips during the first 24 hours after treatment will improve healing and reduce unwanted side effects

Lip Correction

Perioral (Vertical Lip Line) Correction