They say “the eyes have it,” but we think there is much more to this story! To have a naturally beautiful face means that the various parts of the whole play well together. The nose and the lips and the cheeks should all create contours that draw the eye in.

As you may know, we aren’t all born with such features. And, even if we do develop with luscious lips that turn up just enough at the corners, the volume and line of the mouth will change over time. This is when you turn to your trusted NYC plastic surgeon for help, and this is when Dr. Lorenc may turn to dermal fillers and specifically, lip injections, to get the job done.

Lip Injections and Lip Augmentation

Have you thought about having lip injections, but hesitated? Let’s talk about some of the aspects of treatment that don’t often get discussed.

  • If we had a nickel for every time, we heard the name Kylie used to describe a pair of desirable lips, well, you know . . . The point is, it is oh-so-common to turn to real-life images of women (or men) we admire to explain how we want to look. This is only a piece of the puzzle. Yes, we want to get the best possible idea of your desired outcome. At the same time, we want you to realize that Kylie’s lips may not look good on your face. They’re Kylie’s lips!
  • We will customize your treatment to your face. This is how Dr. Lorenc obtains such gorgeous results. The fullness and curvature of your lips will, after treatment, play off of your other facial features, as well as the overall structure of your face; it’s roundness and length. In taking care to observe all of your assets, we can artfully extract your inner beauty.
  • Is it the idea of the pain that is stopping you? There is a slew of innovative treatments used today in place of cosmetic surgery, but patients are finding that they are not without their down-sides. Injections can sound uncomfortable, and, for some, they are. If you’re concerned about discomfort, do not be shy. A brief touch of an ice cube to your lips before treatment can do a lot to mitigate the pinch of injections.

We greatly enjoy bringing more beauty into the world, one face at a time. To schedule your lip injections with Dr. Lorenc, call (212) 472-2900.