rhinoplasty / nasal surgery new york city | Dr. Paul Lorenc

If you are seeking to improve the appearance of your nose—either by making it more symmetrical, narrower or wider, removing bumps or a sagging or bulbous tip—then a nose job (rhinoplasty) could be your procedure of choice.


The nose is the prominent part of the face. You don’t want your nose to distract from your other features and throw off the balance of your face. This is the case if your nose is too large or too small. Noses without bulbous tips have a younger look, and the bridge of the nose should be such that your profile coincides with your front view. You will most likely want the nose to project enough to keep the character of your face.

“With its position in the center of the face, the nose in many ways ties all other facial features together,” Dr. Lorenc says. “It is important not to second-guess genetics and create a new nose, but enhance and reshape the nose you already have in order to highlight the harmony among all of your features, both when relaxed and during expression.”

Nasal Surgery Consultation

Upon consultation, your doctor will review your concerns and expectations, He will then discuss what steps and techniques he will use in your unique nasal re-structuring surgery. While you are making a decision about nasal surgery, he may suggest additional facial procedures. This is to enhance the overall outcome of your surgery, such as a chin augmentation.