Rhinoplasty, or nurse surgery, is a procedure that alters the shape and size of the nose. In addition to aesthetic correction, rhinoplasty can also:

• Repair structural damage to the nose resulting from an injury
• Help correct breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum

Dr. Lorenc’s surgical objective during a rhinoplasty is to create a dramatic and natural-looking improvement to one’s appearance. Although the changes will be immediate, you may not fully realize the final results until several months later. Family and friends may say they don’t see a major difference in your appearance, which Dr. Lorenc believes is the true goal of a successful rhinoplasty where balance is restored to the face and nose .

Who is an ideal candidate?

You may consider nose surgery if you feel as though the size or shape of your nose seems to disrupt the symmetry or aesthetic balance in your face, or if you want the bridge of your nose to be higher or lower or more or less prominent. You may also consider rhinoplasty if you would like to correct:

• A bulbous nose tip
• Wide or upturned nostrils
• Structural damage or abnormalities that make breathing difficult

Other considerations that should be weighed when determining if a rhinoplasty is right for you include:

• Your health: No underlying health conditions that may make healing more difficult
• Your age: Facial growth should be complete
• Your expectations: Individuals should approach a rhinoplasty with positive and realistic expectations