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Planning Breast Reduction | NYCUsually, it is breast enlargement that we tend to hear about on a regular basis. In our NYC plastic surgery practice, we help women of all shapes and size gain the shape and size that best suits their body. This doesn’t always mean augmentation. Sometimes, it means breast reduction. If the size and sheer volume of your breasts is troublesome,it will affect your daily life in a negative way. Planning breast reduction may be a good option, as reducing breast size can make a notable difference in how you feel; not just physically but also emotionally!

The breast reduction procedure may seem less involved than augmentation because we are taking away rather than adding. However, there is a great deal of detail that goes into every reduction surgery. The goal is not to simply decrease breast size, but to do so in a way that recreates a naturally beautiful shape. In addition to removing tissue through appropriate incisions, Dr. Lorenc also repositions the areolas and contours the breasts so they sit nicely on the chest wall.

What to know about Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

One of the questions that looms over breast surgery patients (any of our patients, really) is how to get through the recovery process. Let’s face it, we would all like to avoid painful situations whenever we can! Breast reduction surgery is most often very easy to tolerate. Still, a few tips to improve the process certainly can’t hurt.

  • Prior to surgery, you may receive a prescription for pain medication. Even if you think you will not need this, fill it. The whole idea is to stay ahead of the pain, not chase it. Taking prescription medication for a few days can set the stage for a more comfortable recovery process.
  • Hydrate! Did you know that your tissues need more fluid while recuperating from any type of disruption? Remember that tea and other beverages are no substitute for good old-fashioned water.
  • Take advantage of all the support you can get. Not only from friends and loved ones but from the surgical bra that will keep your healing breasts from moving too much. The surgical bra needs to be worn at all times for several days. Then, you may want to transition into a well-fitting sports bra until your tissue has settled.
  • Exercise? Postpone it! Other than a light walk and normal activity around the house, your physical movement will be somewhat limited for 3 or more weeks.

If you are planning breast reduction, you can get more information by calling the office of NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Lorenc at (212) 472-2900