A fat transfer is a procedure in which Dr. Lorenc will harvest adipose (fat) cells from an area of your body and inject them via syringe into another area that may lack sufficient or desired volume.

Quick Facts

  • Non-surgical procedure means faster recovery and less pain
  • In-office procedure in sterile environment

Is It Right For You?

If there is an area of your body that you feel is lacking sufficient volume or definition, a fat transfer might be the procedure for you.

  • A fat transfer is an effective treatment for depressed dermal areas
  • If you have excess fat in a less desirable area of your body (stomach, hips, thighs, etc)

The Procedure

  • In a stringently sterile environment, Dr. Lorenc will use a syringe to remove fat cells from a selected area of your body.
  • The harvested cells are processed and ready for use immediately.
  • Dr. Lorenc will use a syringe to inject the fat cells directly into the desired area (breasts, lips, cheeks, buttock, etc) to create a fuller, more defined shape.
  • Multiple areas can be treated in the same visit.

Recovery and Healing

  • Non-surgical procedure means minimal recovery time
  • Different treatment areas may require additional considerations
  • Most are able to return to daily activities immediately upon leaving the office