Post Weight Loss Surgery in NYC

Post Weight Loss Surgery in NYC

What is Post Weight Loss Surgery?

After major weight loss and/or bariatric surgery for weight loss, it is common to have excess, sagging skin. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery usually have skin that is so severely stretched that it may have lost skin elasticity and thus, the need for post weight loss surgery.

Post Weight Loss Surgery

Common areas of concern include the hips, buttocks, and thighs as well as the breasts, arms, abdomen, and flanks. So what are the options following massive weight loss?

In most cases, the only solution to this problem is to remove the excess skin through excisional surgery, along with liposuction and laser skin tightening. Dr. Lorenc may recommend a lower body lift, breast lift, neck lift, arm lift, thigh lift, laser liposuction, or SkinTyte laser.

Body Contouring Effect

study by Dr. Modaressi et al of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, reports that body contouring results to long-term weight control in patients after gastric bypass surgery.

Quick Facts

  • IV sedation
  • Breast lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Laser liposuction

Weight Loss Surgery Consultation

Dr. Lorenc may recommend any or all of the following upon consultation:

  • lower body lift
  • breast lift
  • neck lift
  • arm lift
  • thigh lift
  • laser liposuction
  • SkinTyte laser


Healing time and recovery experiences will vary based on the combination of surgical porcedures.