Anti Aging Treatment New York City, NY

How Does Forever Young Sound?

Anti Aging Treatment New York City, NYThere aren’t many people who would say they don’t like the idea of maintaining their skin to appear as youthful as possible. We’ve seen trends change in this area, and are happy to support individuals whose interest lies in sustaining skin vibrancy and overall firmness with minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as completely non-surgical modalities. One that has been in the spotlight recently is the Forever Young BBL™ treatment by Sciton®. Here, we want to point out a few of the benefits that can be obtained by making broad-band light a normal part of your beauty routine.

  • Multiple improvements. BBL doesn’t just focus on one type of improvement; it has a positive effect on subclinical conditions that haven’t even shown up on the skin yet. You may schedule your Forever Young treatment to minimize lines and wrinkles and notice that your glow has also returned, or that those tiny veins and sun spots you once had are no longer visible.
  • Support for aging cells. Research indicates positive changes at the cellular level occur when the broad-band light is absorbed into superficial tissues. What this means is that the expression of the genes in the skin is altered in a way that significantly slows aging.
  • Age can be managed at any age. Patients in their twenties get Forever Young BBL and patients in their seventies get treatment, too. The skin benefits regardless of age because that gene expression we mentioned gets better across the board.
  • It’s good for your schedule, too. One of the reasons that patients of our NYC office like Forever Young BBL are because it feels like the occasional facial. Come into the office a few times a year, spend about an hour or so, and change the way your skin ages. It’s that simple. No downtime is needed.
  • Lasting improvements. An interesting finding from research on this particular treatment has been that; the longer treatments are continued, the slower the skin ages. Some even refer to this as aging backward.

We are pleased to offer an array of skin-saving treatments in our Park Avenue office. Call (212) 472-2900 to schedule your consultation to see how we can help you age at your own pace.

Mommy Makeover New York, NY

Declare your Independence with an All-New Mommy Body

Mommy Makeover New York, NYMotherhood is one of the most meaningful endeavors a woman encounters. The years of pregnancies and childrearing, though filled with joy, may also sometimes feel like they will go on forever. To be frank, there is a relative loss of independence that occurs as your body makes space for another, and then nourishes, quite literally, that tiny human. In the thick of motherhood, finding time to do the things that bring about ultimate confidence and satisfaction can be difficult. The thing is, it’s worth it to do that.

A Mommy Makeover addresses the cosmetic concerns that result from the biological process of mothering, from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond.

  • Abdominal changes. The abdomen may carry the brunt of the physical change of pregnancy due to the midsection being home to the womb. When the abdomen expands, the muscles, superficial tissue, and skin across the stomach change dramatically. While these structures are designed to stretch to a certain extent, bouncing back is often impossible. Surgery may be performed to reconnect separated muscle tissue in the abdominal cavity. At the same time, the abdominoplasty procedure can remove excess skin that has become significantly loose, and may even be able to address a certain amount of stretch marks or C-section scarring.
  • The breasts begin to change long before breastfeeding. Many women experience a jump in breast size as much as two cup sizes before their delivery date. This is due to the addition of fat cells across the body and, in particular, in the breasts. Milk-producing glands also enlarge to prepare for breastfeeding. Usually, breast tissue returns to pre-pregnancy size after milk ducts have decreased in size and weighed has declined. That doesn’t mean overlying skin bounces back, though. Breast surgery to enlarge size and shape, or lift existing breast tissue, is often integral to the Mommy Makeover.
  • The pregnant body naturally needs more fat to support the optimal mother and fetal health. There is no way to predict where the body will store fat, nor how it will release extra fat after childbirth. Many mothers struggle to regain control over fat stores after delivery. In addition to health lifestyle habits, liposuction during a Mommy Makeover can facilitate the return of beautiful proportions.

Learn more about body contouring procedures that make a Mommy Makeover so empowering. Call our NYC office at (212) 472-2900.

The Functional Side of ThermiVa

ThermiVa New York, NYVaginal rejuvenation has become somewhat of a hot topic in recent years. This could be because women have become more open about the changes that occur with age and motherhood. It could be because science has worked long and hard to formulate therapies designed around such concerns. Whatever the catalyst for innovation, we are pleased that we now have the technology available to help women minimize the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

ThermiVa™ Treatment for the Win

ThermiVa non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation has been praised for its comfort and effectiveness at tightening vaginal tissue that has become loose and weak. The area of benefit that is often pointed out is how a woman’s sexual satisfaction can improve when vaginal tissues are in optimal condition. In addition to laxity, changes to the tissue that lines the vaginal canal also decrease natural lubrication, causing uncomfortable dryness. Another concern that is very much worth discussing is urinary incontinence.

Millions of women are affected by some degree of urinary incontinence. This condition, related to vaginal atrophy, creates physical and emotional discomfort due to a loss of complete bladder control. Some women affected by urinary incontinence lose urine when they walk briskly or try to run. The exercise of any kind may cause stress when there is a fear of leaking urine. Even laughing or sneezing may lead to frustration. To resolve the issue quickly, we look at nurturing the vaginal lining.

ThermiVa for Urinary Incontinence

The Thermi platform of energy treatments has a wide reach regarding tissue improvement. The ThermiVa treatment operates in the same way superficial skin-tightening and smoothing does, by eliciting a response within the body to send large amounts of collagen where it is needed most. ThermiVa is a short appointment that involves the introduction of a small probe into the opening of the vagina. The Thermi platform sends controlled radiofrequency into the lining tissue, which absorbs the gentle heat and accepts an influx of healthy new collagen.

It doesn’t get much simpler than ThermiVa. To learn more about the aesthetic, physical, and emotional benefits of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation in our Park Avenue office in New York City, call (212) 472-2900.

The Value of Facelift Surgery isn’t Lost on the Young

SkinFit Medi Spa Program NYC | Manhattan, NYHundreds of years ago, writer Baltasar Gracian extolled the value of beauty by writing that a beautiful woman should “break her mirror” while she is still young (and beautiful, one could surmise). This is an antiquated idea. Today, men and women of all ages are more in tune with their desire to maintain their appearance. The problem is, the path to a youthful face isn’t so cut-and-dry anymore.

At one time, the primary process of restoring a youthful facial aesthetic was to manually tighten the skin over the skeletal structure of the chin, jawline, and cheekbones. Today, non-surgical treatments have higher numbers of procedures on a yearly basis. The truth is, there is value in both surgical and non-surgical methods of facial rejuvenation. Success isn’t a matter of timing so much as it is about technique. From this perspective, you can see why facelift surgery can be an excellent option for younger patients.

A Time to Reboot

We are coming up on the time of year when we start to reflect on our choices; what we have done to get where we are, and where we would like to go in the future. This time of general “reboot” is excellent for doing away with ideas and behaviors that no longer serve us. If you have held the belief that facelift surgery is for the older crowd, the crowd that you are not yet a part of, maybe now is a great time to rethink this.

Facelift surgery isn’t for everyone. However, the refined techniques employed by conscientious cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Lorenc have paved the way for earlier, milder forms of rejuvenation. Our SelfieLift™ is a prime example. This particular approach to facial rejuvenation does not include surgery, or a minor procedure, if that. The SelfieLift™ often incorporates the effectiveness of multiple injectables, ranging from BOTOX to Juvederm. It may also involve the Silhouette Instalift, today’s safe and successful thread lift technique. A SelfieLift™ is customized to your unique needs and may require just a few hours of downtime, making it ideal for pre-holiday treatment.

For more dramatic results, but results that nonetheless look very natural, facelift surgery is a very real contender. Men and women as young as 40 are beginning to experience for themselves just how powerful a minor mid-, upper-, or full facelift can be. Due to the inclusion of facial filling with soft tissue fillers or fat injections, today’s facelifts are nothing like we’ve seen before, and that makes them quite special.

Don’t live another day with an expression that does not reflect your inner beauty. Contact our Park Avenue cosmetic surgery office for a consultation.

Why Now is the Time to Plan for Summer

Body Contouring NYC | ManhattanSummertime means shorts and tank tops. It may mean an exotic vacation or weekends at the pool. What summertime means to a lot of us is a season of relative “undress.” We wear quite a bit less, which naturally causes us to want to have a little less bulk on our body. You know when you start to think about the way your thighs will look in your favorite shorts . . . A few weeks before you want to wear them!

Usually, the timing of our consideration for a summer-ready body is way off. It doesn’t have to be. We invite you to contact our office to discuss how we can work together now to have you in great shape for bikini season. There are good reasons for this proactive approach.

Wintertime is the Time of Taking Cover

We take cover in some ways during the cold, harsh months of Winter. For many of us, this includes staying home more often. When we do go out for holiday errands, work, and other engagements, it is beneath at least two layers of clothing. Do you know that makes a recovery from body-contouring ideal?

Surgical treatments such as liposuction and abdominoplasty achieve the most noticeable results for a better body. These procedures, as gentle as they are, also serve up side effects including bruising and swelling. These are side effects that could create frustration if you’re in a hurry to get into more revealing clothing. However, during the dead of Winter, when you’re well-hidden beneath a down jacket, cardigan, long pants and long-sleeved shirt more often than not, you’re much more likely to go with the flow of gradual healing.

Peace and Pampering

The holiday season has long been portrayed as a season of peace. “Peace on Earth,” the greeting cards read. Each of us has our own experience with that, often depending on how stressed out we get when family comes to town. After the busy holiday season, when the family has returned to their territory, and the kids have returned to the classroom, there is a relatively brief period before Spring during which a week or two of downtime may be easy to arrange. This is ideal for the man or woman interested in refining their body shape with liposuction or abdominoplasty – or any other surgical procedure.

Why wait until the last minute to get the look you want? Contact our Park Avenue office at (212) 472-2900 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lorenc.

How Liposuction Really Changes the Body

Liposuction New York City, NYFor many years, men and women have known that liposuction is an excellent method of adding confidence to the self by reducing body-size. As widely-appealing as liposuction is, and as much as this procedure has evolved and the development of modern technologies, a few ideas about what liposuction is all about continuing to be off the mark. Here, we want to point out how liposuction changes the body, and how this relates to misperceptions.

The Idea about Weight

It would make sense to consider liposuction a fat-reducing procedure. In fact, there are many practices which describe the procedure as such. And why not? Liposuction removes the fat cells that you want going for good. But to think of liposuction as a technique for fat-reduction leads many people to wrongly believe that they will see results on the scale. This is not usually the case. After liposuction, the better place to notice results is in the physical appearance of the body. Is the waist smaller? Are the hips slimmer? These are the goals of liposuction, not to move the number on the scale.

Another Idea about Weight

Another belief that holds some people back from having the body they want is that they are too thin for liposuction. When we change the description of this procedure from “fat-reduction” to “body-sculpting,” the whole idea that one must be a certain weight to have liposuction can be laid to rest. A healthy weight means harmony between body-mass and body-frame. This means that you could be 140 pounds and have liposuction, or be 175 pounds and have liposuction. The determination about candidacy comes from a thorough consultation and examination in our New York City office.

Ideas about Weight Management after Liposuction

Having the wrong idea about weight management after liposuction could lead to frustration, and very quickly. First, it is crucial to know that it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent expansion of existing fat cells. If eating and exercise are off-track, fat cells will grow larger, possibly in the area that had been treated with liposuction. The good news about fat cell removal with liposuction is that no new cells grow in the treated area, nor anywhere else.

Now is a great time for body-contouring. To learn more about our liposuction techniques, call our NYC office at (212) 472-2900.

Beauty and the Matter of your Skin

SKINFIT MEDI SPA New York, NYOur skin is one of the most obvious factors in facial beauty. When we begin to notice age-related changes, we may do a lot to pamper the skin and promote youthfulness. The problem with this proactive step is that quite a few of the men and women who invest time and money into anti-aging techniques and products are going about it all wrong. Here, we want to discuss a key point: what you put on your skin does matter.

The Starting Point

There is a place to start if you want to maximize your skincare routine: your skin. We’ve discussed the value of a clean slate in previous pieces and will mention in briefly here. Most people have a biofilm on the surface of their skin. We often refer to this as the stratum corneum. This outermost layer of the skin is actually up to 20-layers of dead skin cells. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional exfoliate your skin with treatment such as microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, there is a good chance that this film of dead cells is blocking radiance, roughing up the texture of your skin, and getting in the way of product absorption.

Moving Forward

Once you have obtained your preferred treatment to fully cleanse your skin’s surface, it’s time to consider the products you are using. This is mistake number two that most people make. Can you imagine which skincare products are most-widely sold? It isn’t necessarily those that will nourish the skin on the deepest possible level; it is the product or family of products that get the most media attention. Marketing. That’s what it all comes down to – until you know better.

We provide access to medical-grade skincare products for patients who want to maximize their skin because we recognize the value of everyday steps for prolonged radiance and youthfulness. Why does medical-grade skincare stand out? Because of approval. Here’s what we mean.

The skincare products that are sold online or in retail stores are made for everyone. They must contain the level of ingredients that will soften and soothe the skin of any person. This minimizes the capability of any commercial product to effect noticeable change. The concentration of active ingredients is low enough to minimize the chance of irritation. At the same time, this low concentration prevents maximum results.

Does your skin need a boost? Let’s plan the best way to achieve your desired outcome. Call our New York City office at (212) 472-2900.

How to Age Well Starting Right Now

SkinFit Medi Spa NYC | ManhattanOne of the biggest questions that men and women have, regardless of their current age, is how to improve their aging process. Many of us wish we had our doctor’s number on speed-dial so we could learn how to manage the signs of aging as they occur, and sometimes they seem to occur with every passing day. Here, we point out a few ways that you can start aging well right now, at whatever age you are.


Young adults have learned one thing very well: it’s never too early to starting aging well. The primary focus of anti-aging during your twenties is to take good care of your skin – really good care. This means:

  • Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat on days at the beach or pool.
  • Eat well, lots of fruits and vegetables to fight the free radicals that cause premature aging.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Obtain professional treatments such as Botox, chemical peels, and BBL light treatments.


When we reach our thirties, we are already losing collagen and volume. That means to slow the aging process need to be more advanced. Healthy eating habits and sun protection remain highly important. Additionally, professional treatments may be obtained a few times a year, or more often. Suggestions include:

  • Neuromodulators to minimize muscle contractions on the forehead and around the eyes.
  • SkinTyte non-ablative laser treatments are gentle but effective at smoothing the skin.
  • Chemical peels to routinely exfoliate dead and damaged cells.
  • Dermal fillers, as needed, to plump lips and cheeks and fill lines.
  • Laser and light treatments to promote collagen and reduce UV damage.


  • Fillers may be used more frequently from this point forward, to replace the teaspoon of volume that is lost each year. Often, more than one product is used.
  • Laser skin resurfacing removes dead and damaged cells for a brighter complexion.
  • ThermiSmooth heat-based collagen induction therapy, especially around the eyes.
  • The fat transfer takes autologous fat cells from one area and introduces them into the cheeks or another area of the face for longer-lasting volume.
  • The Silhouette Instalift® is a minimally-invasive procedure that provides a slight lift to sagging mid-face structure.

The Fifties and Beyond

  • Routine exfoliation with chemical peels or fractional laser resurfacing keeps collagen production strong.
  • Fat injections into cheeks, temples, and even the hands can effectively manage the signs of aging.
  • Eyelid surgery removes under eye bags and sagging upper eyelid tissue.
  • Brow lift surgery restores the position of a drooping brow. In some cases, this may be achieved with injections of a neuromodulator and dermal fillers.
  • Facelift surgery restores the structure to the mid and lower face by draping loose tissue over the cheekbones and removing excess skin.
  • Neck lift surgery keeps the aging neck in harmony with the rejuvenated face.

Aging is a far different experience today than it used to be. Discover the treatments that can support you in your aging process. Call our NYC office at (212) 472-2900.

Getting the Lift you Want: Is Liquid Better?

Liquid Facelift NYC | ManhattanThere comes the point in time when most of us will want a lift of some sorts. Sagging jowls, flat cheeks, and under eye bags are all common reasons for seeking professional care these days, and there are suitable solutions for every one of these concerns – plus much more. The variety of treatments now available is advantageous, no doubt, but it may also cause you to lean in a direction that won’t hit the mark regarding results. Here, we’d like to discuss the differences and misconceptions of the liquid facelift versus the surgical facelift.

Advantages of Liquid Lifting

The very clear advantage of a liquid facelift process is that no surgery is involved. A liquid facelift incorporates neuromodulators like Botox to ease the appearance of lines on the upper face, including frown lines and worry lines. This type of product can also bring a slight lift to the brows. The lower two-thirds of the face, from the under-eyes down, may be rejuvenated with soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, or even with autologous fat. Dermal fillers or fat can add volume to the cheeks and temples, and fill in lines around the nose and mouth.

Advantages of Surgical Lifting

A well-performed surgical facelift is beneficial for anyone who wants noticeable, but natural-looking results from professional care. Yes, surgery is involved, and that means recovery is necessary. However, the few weeks of swelling and bruising lead to years of satisfaction with the facial aesthetic. Aging continues, that is a given, but a facelift slows that process down by several years. Surgically repositioning superficial muscle tissue and removing excess skin can sharpen up the jawline and open up the eyes. When this procedure also involves fat injections, the curves of the mid-face further promote natural beauty.

What You Need to Know

Some practices state that injectables are better than a surgical facelift because this process will achieve a more authentic result. This is not true, at least not in every situation. It may seem logical that filling the lips and cheeks and other areas, and relaxing others, is more akin to how nature works when we are young. But the fact is, we cannot completely restore natural youthfulness with the synthetic product. Too much filling is too much filling, and the results can look just as unnatural as a bad facelift.

In our office on Park Avenue in New York City, patients have options that include both facelift surgery and the liquid facelift. Learn more at (212) 472-2900.

What you Need to Know about Silicone Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation New York, NY | Dr. Z. Paul LorencSilicone breast implants made their first appearance in cosmetic surgery back in 1962. Some improvements have occurred since the first silicone forms were used to enhance women’s shapes. The objective of innovations in breast augmentation has been to consistently improve patient outcomes. Many of the issues that plagued early patients are no longer reported. What still exists, though, are misperceptions about various aspects of breast augmentation. We’d like to address one of them here.

How long do breast implants last?

This is a question that many patients have because they have read in their research, or heard from a well-meaning friend, that breast implants must be replaced after 10 years. Well, if you’re in your twenties and desire shapelier breasts, the idea of routine replacement every 10 years can feel overwhelming. It is important to know where this idea came from, and why it may not be true.

Breast implant surgery is one of the most extensively-studied procedures in aesthetic medicine. Several years ago, the findings from one FDA study revealed that 1 in 5 women required revision or replacement of silicone breast implants approximately 10 years after the original surgery. If we stopped here, we might be somewhat alarmed at that “high” number; but there is more to take in.

That study that caused many women to believe their silicone implants had a 10-year expiration date could have been misinterpreted. Looking closer, it can be seen that, with only 100 cases observed in that study, the 1 in 5 number adds up to only 20% of patients. From this standpoint, we can see that a larger percentage of breast augmentation patients may not require revisional surgery at a pre-determined time. In fact, some patients have never had implants replaced.

The general details that you need to know are:

  • There is a manufacturer warranty to breast implants of all kinds. That does not mean the replacement is mandatory once that warranty ends.
  • The implants that are used today contain cohesive, form-stable silicone that is much more durable than previous silicone substances used for this purpose.
  • It is important to routinely examine the breasts and to obtain medical exams and diagnostic imaging to observe any changes in breast tissue or implants.

Learn facts about breast implants from your board-certified, NYC plastic surgeon. Call (212) 472-2900.