breast reduction

Sometimes you Lose to Win

Weight Loss | Paul Lorenc NYIn most of life, losing just feels like losing. There are particular situations, though, in which we lose to win. Losing extra weight is an example. Losing negative thinking . . . You get the picture. Here, we want to point out the various ways in which women who undergo breast reduction surgery lose to win.

Lose attention to gain self-confidence.

This can feel a bit backward to some because we are often taught that getting attention from others feeds self-confidence. When that attention is unwarranted and focused solely on physical appearance, it doesn’t feel so great. Young women whose breasts develop to an excessive degree before adulthood often state that they feel embarrassed by the attention they get. This isn’t fair to any woman, and it is beyond her control – at least until she gets breast reduction surgery. Once this happens, it is character traits and personality that get the attention, not the body.

Lose breast size to gain harmony.

Ideally, breast fullness will harmonize with the fullness of the hips and the width of the shoulders. This is evident just by looking at common styles of clothing. A woman with large breasts isn’t “plus-size,” and yet she may struggle to find the right size to fit her disproportionate frame. Gaining harmony means looking better, and it also means having more options to dress as you’d like.

Lose fullness to gain health.

There is only minimal evidence that points to a link between breast cancer and large breast size. There is substantially greater data that says large breasts can impede health and wellness just by getting in the way – speaking. Activities like dancing, running, and even working out with weights can feel uncomfortable when the breasts are difficult to support. From this standpoint, it makes sense to say that reducing breast size could have a positive effect on overall health and well-being.

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Lip Enhancement

Do you know All that you Need to know about Lip Augmentation?

Lip Enhancement NYC | Lip InjectionsThey say “the eyes have it,” but we think there is much more to this story! To have a naturally beautiful face means that the various parts of the whole play well together. The nose and the lips and the cheeks should all create contours that draw the eye in. As you may know, we aren’t all born with such features. And, even if we do develop with luscious lips that turn up just enough at the corners, the volume and line of the mouth will change over time. This is when you turn to your trusted NYC plastic surgeon for help, and this is when Dr. Lorenc may turn to dermal fillers to get the job done.

What You Need To Know About Lip Augmentation

Have you thought about having lip injections, but hesitated? Let’s talk about some of the aspects of treatment that don’t often get discussed.

  • If we had a nickel for every time, we heard the name Kylie used to describe a pair of desirable lips, well, you know . . . The point is, it is oh-so-common to turn to real-life images of women (or men) we admire to explain how we want to look. This is only a piece of the puzzle. Yes, we want to get the best possible idea of your desired outcome. At the same time, we want you to realize that Kylie’s lips may not look good on your face. They’re Kylie’s lips!
  • We will customize your treatment to your face. This is how Dr. Lorenc obtains such gorgeous results. The fullness and curvature of your lips will, after treatment, play off of your other facial features, as well as the overall structure of your face; it’s roundness and length. In taking care to observe all of your assets, we can artfully extract your inner beauty.
  • Is it the idea of the pain that is stopping you? There is a slew of innovative treatments used today in place of cosmetic surgery, but patients are finding that they are not without their down-sides. Injections can sound uncomfortable, and, for some, they are. If you’re concerned about discomfort, do not be shy. A brief touch of an ice cube to your lips before treatment can do a lot to mitigate the pinch of injections.

We greatly enjoy bringing more beauty into the world, one face at a time. To schedule your lip injections with Dr. Lorenc, call (212) 472-2900.

plastic surgery

Taking Cosmetic Surgery Consultation to a Whole New Level

plastic surgeryHistorically, if you wanted to consult with a cosmetic surgeon about a rejuvenating face lift or body contouring procedure, you needed to schedule a visit in the practice’s office for a face to face meet and greet. We’ve come a long way, Baby! Today, many of our patient consultations first occur in the virtual world. It’s a reality of this day and age, and it seems to be catching on.

There are a few pointed reasons why a virtual consultation may make the most sense. The primary reason people think of is that they want to learn more about a cosmetic surgeon who is not located in their immediate area. Dr. Lorenc is a world-renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, so this emergence of virtual consulting makes life much easier on our patients.

What’s the Point?

If you do not live in New York City, then you get the point. But even if you do live nearby, your busy schedule may prevent you from having the extra time for pre-operative niceties. We want to accommodate our patients as much as we possibly can, and the virtual consultation via Skype just makes sense in many cases.

Having a consultation from your computer to ours is not much unlike the visits we conduct in our office. Prior to the virtual consultation, we may request specific, high quality pictures of your area of concern. This allows Dr. Lorenc the opportunity to evaluate your concerns before you are face-to-face (via the screen, that is). Having appropriate (and completely private) images beforehand facilitates a productive consultation without elongating the allotted time of 30-45 minutes.

Once you have completed your virtual consultation, you may be able to move forward with the scheduling of your procedure. If further information is needed, it will be requested at the time, or we will ask you to schedule an in-person visit to assure we have everything just right.

A Note about those Pictures . . .

The images that are sent to our office are confidential and considered a valuable aspect of your medical record. The staff in our office is trained in compliance of government regulations regarding HIPPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, instated to protect patient privacy.

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brow lift

An Injectable Lift? Let’s Look more Closely!

brow lift | nycThere is a lot to be said for symmetry across the top portion of the face. It is natural for one brow to sit slightly lower than the other. However, when this imbalance becomes quite noticeable, it’s difficult to admire all the other aspects of beauty on the face. We speak with many men and women who express concern about the position of one or both of their brows, and we know just what to do in each situation. Sometimes, a surgical brow lift is the most appropriate approach to facial aging. However, we can often address the concern with a neuromodulator like Botox.

The “Botox Brow Lift”

Botox happens to be the most recognizable neuromodulator, which is why the injectable brow lift is often referred to as the Botox brow lift. In our NYC and Southampton offices, we also use Dysport and Xeomin based on appropriateness for each patient.

How it Works

The strategic use of neurotoxin product eases the downward pull placed on the frontalis muscle, the one that elevates the eyebrows. To do this, we very carefully inject product into the muscle just at the brow line, the orbicularis oculi, to release opposition. The proper use of neuromodulators allows us to raise one or both brows toward the upper orbital rim, and can also be used to accentuate the brows’ curvature over the eye.

Results of the Non-surgical Brow Lift

The obvious reason that many patients choose to lift the brow with injectables versus surgery is the minimal side-effects and elimination of down-time. Using a neurotoxin means seeing results appear gradually over about a week, and enjoying those results for 3 to 6 months. To maintain the lifted elevation of the brow, treatment can be repeated, or we can discuss the long-term effects that can be achieved with a surgical lift.

Facial rejuvenation does not have to be a complicated process. Call our office at  (212) 472-2900 to discuss your treatment options, and how we can help you reinstate the appearance you had ten years ago.


tummy tuck

Is Now the Season for Tucking?

tummy tuck | NYCThere are seasons for just about everything. As the trees become bare and snowflakes fall, it becomes a season of rest and reflection. Some people even change the way they eat during the different seasons of the year. And, yes, there are seasons, to some degree, of plastic surgery. Fall and winter tend to be times during which our NYC plastic surgery office sees an increase in requests for breast augmentation and body sculpting procedures like abdominoplasty. The timing makes a lot of sense, when you consider the lengthy recovery process, especially for the latter procedure.

In addition to the time of year, tummy tuck timing encompasses a few other crucial factors.


A tummy tuck is not performed to reduce waist circumference. That is a job for liposuction. While the two procedures can be performed together, there is a limit to how much fat can be removed. For this reason, patients are advised to be very near to their ideal weight; the weight they want to maintain for many years to come. If a tummy tuck is performed before a stable weight has been reached, there is a chance that a further drop in pounds will affect the final outcome of surgery.


Just as it is important to feel confident that you will not lose a substantial amount of weight after abdominoplasty, it is also necessary to think very carefully about future pregnancies. The strain of an expanding womb is placed directly on the abdominal muscles. This could cause them to not only stretch but to separate. Even the slightest separation makes it impossible to regain muscle tone without surgical correction.


The type of work a person does will factor into the timing of his or her tummy tuck. The abdominal muscles will not be able to tolerate extensive activity for several weeks post-surgery. In fact, full healing occurs over a 6-month period. While comfort level progressively improves, this does not correlate to an increase in activities. Patients whose work requires heavy lifting will need to schedule extra time off or arrange for lighter duties until cleared through a post-surgical evaluation.

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body procedures

Trendwatching is One Thing, Following is Another

body procedures | nycIn our bustling city, there is always a new trend to watch. There is so much fashion walking the streets and runways of NYC that we might seem the epicenter of it all. Close, but not quite. Wherever we stand in the making of new trends, there is certainly something to be said about our interest in them. There are positive aspects of following trends, and then there are things about trends that we should be aware of before making big decisions, such as undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Trends typically drive our desire for fashion. However, there is a direct correlation between what’s in and what body type society says is beautiful at any given time. Just like there are trends in fashion, there are trends in cosmetic plastic surgery. This could reflect the desire on some people’s part to fit that ideal body type. The thing is, there is no such thing. Let’s see how we have viewed body types over just the past 100 or so years:

  • The Gibson Girl. Maybe you’ve never heard of her. She didn’t exist. This perfect female body type was the creation of Charles Gibson, esteemed fashion illustrator of his time. To fit the ideal body, women corseted up their midsection to achieve exaggerated curves a la Jessica Rabbit.
  • The Flapper. Women in the Flapper era of the 1920s didn’t have to work quite so hard. Their clothing was the star of the show, fringed to the max to accentuate movement.
  • The Star-Spangled Woman. After WWII, fashion dictated that it was the tall, strong body type that was beautiful. Clothing was made to accentuate the breasts (pointed and industrial) and the shoulders (padded and squared).
  • The Hippy. Hippy dippy chickies in the 60s had the very little shape (circa 1920!). The ideal body type was super thin and flat-chested. Hips? Not in those bell-bottoms! Throughout the 70s, it was the thinner, more athletic frame that remained “in.”
  • Today, what we deem beautiful is the derrière. 2014 may have been dubbed the Year of the Butt, but the trend began years prior (2010) and continued to this day.

Beauty isn’t a Trend

Beauty is timeless, not trendy. When we consult with patients about Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction, breast augmentation, or any other procedure, it is the authentic beauty that we seek, not a trendy body type.

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Planning Breast Reduction? Read This!

Breast Reduction | NYCUsually, it is breast enlargement that we tend to hear about on a regular basis. In our NYC plastic surgery practice, we help women of all shapes and size gain the shape and size that best suits their body. This doesn’t always mean augmentation. Sometimes, it means breast reduction. If the size and sheer volume of your breasts is troublesome, your daily life is affected in a negative way. Reducing breast size can make a notable difference in how you feel; not just physically but also emotionally!

The breast reduction procedure may seem less involved than augmentation because we are taking away rather than adding. However, there is a great deal of detail that goes into every reduction surgery. The goal is not to simply decrease size, but to do so in a way that recreates a naturally beautiful shape. In addition to removing tissue through appropriate incisions, Dr. Lorenc also repositions the areolas and contours the breasts so they sit nicely on the chest wall.

What to know about Recovery

One of the questions that looms over breast surgery patients (any of our patients, really) is how to get through the recovery process. Let’s face it, we would all like to avoid painful situations whenever we can! Breast reduction surgery is most often very easy to tolerate. Still, a few tips to improve the process certainly can’t hurt.

  • Prior to surgery, you may receive a prescription for pain medication. Even if you think you will not need this, fill it. The whole idea is to stay ahead of pain, not chase it. Taking prescription medication for a few days can set the stage for a more comfortable recovery process.
  • Hydrate! Did you  know that your tissues need more fluid while recuperating from any type of disruption? Remember that tea and other beverages are no substitute for good old fashioned water.
  • Take advantage of all the support you can get. Not only from friends and loved ones, but from the surgical bra that will keep your healing breasts from moving too much. The surgical bra needs to be worn at all times for several days. Then, you may want to transition into a well-fitting sports bra until your tissue has settled.
  • Exercise? Postpone it! Other than a light walk and normal activity around the house, your physical movement will be somewhat limited for 3 or more weeks.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation and your Fitness Routine

Breast Augmentation | NYCThere are several ingredients that go into looking and feeling your best. Enhancing the body with breast implants can be a wonderful way to complement the other steps you take to complete your look. If another aspect of quality of life is staying fit with a strict exercise routine, you’ll want to know what to expect after your curve-creating procedure.

The recovery process after breast augmentation is relatively easy for most patient. This is good, on one hand, but it can also create a misperception as it pertains to physical activity. It seems logical to want to get back into your workout routine when you’re feeling up to it. The thing is, “feeling up to it” isn’t a good indicator that your body can handle your workouts. Here are some suggestions on how to plan your re-entry into the world of physical fitness:

  • Trust the expert. That is your doctor. Whether you choose to have breast augmentation performed by NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Lorenc or another physician, you should expect to be advised to wait until post-op follow up visits to even think about working out. Because your surgeon has the most familiarity with your case, he is the expert to trust when it comes to post-surgical activities.
  • Trust your body. The expert voice that you need to heed, after your doctor, is your own body. This is especially important once you are back in the gym, on the treadmill, or in the yoga studio. Settling takes place over several months, and your body needs a good amount of time to fully recuperate after breast augmentation. If your body says “stop,” listen.
  • Schedule a rest day. As you reintroduce exercise into your life after cosmetic plastic surgery, do yourself a favor by scheduling a mandated rest day into your routine. In fact, schedule more than you think you need. This way, you can stay on the safe side of balancing recovery with fitness.
  • Ease into the upper body exercises. Fly’s and chest presses require the exact muscles disrupted during surgery to fire. They may not be ready as quickly as you imagine. Don’t go straight for your old weight; go lighter in the beginning.

Breast augmentation is a safe and effective way to enhance your body shape. To learn more about this procedure, call (212) 472-2900.

Non-surgical treatments

Face not Ready for the Holidays? There’s Still Time!

Non-surgical treatments nycTo be holiday-ready means a lot of things. It means having everyone checked off your gift list. It means knowing exactly what you will wear to every holiday party, and what bottle of wine you will give to the host. It also means, perhaps most importantly, feeling great about how you look. Let’s face it, we all want our face to be selfie-ready this season (and every season, really!). While the holidays are fast-approaching, know that there is still time to resolve those issues that you see in the mirror every day. Here’s how.

Get an Instant Lift with the Silhouette Instalift®

Dr. Lorenc is one of only a handful of physicians in the U.S. to perform this procedure, which provides immediate results with little to no down time. The Silhouette Instalift® is a non-surgical, minimally invasive technique that lift and suspends the skin with a uniquely developed thread. Over time, tissue and collagen form around the thread, promoting a more youthful facial aesthetic. Even if your holiday festivities are in the very near future, you have time for a little lift.

The SelfieLift™, it’s Not your Mother’s Facelift

The SelfieLift™ is a customized treatment plan that Dr. Lorenc developed to meet each patients unique needs and preferences. With the SelfieLift™, you can gain more fullness in your lips and cheeks, tighten skin on the face and neck, and look like you did 10 years ago – all before that holiday party! Each treatment is different, and may involve wrinkle-reduction with neuromodulators, volumizing with dermal fillers, and skin tightening with ThermiTight.

Reveal the Real You, Only Better

Non-surgical treatments are an excellent path for the person who wants to let their inner beauty and youthfulness shine through this holiday season. Reviving your face does not mean that you have to choose either of our complete lift procedures. Your needs may revolve around the signs of aging across your forehead or around your eyes and brows. Whatever your needs, your New York plastic surgeon Dr. Lorenc has a solution. To schedule a visit to our NYC office, call (212) 472-2900.

neck lift

Keep the Harmony to Keep that Youthful Look

Neck Lift NYCWhen we think of how we could look a little younger, what tends to be the focus of our attention is the face. Rightfully so! It is here where nasolabial folds, frown lines, under eye bags, and sagging jowls scream “you’re getting older!” Fortunately, our concern with facial aging has led to a number of wonderful developments in aesthetic medicine. Patients of Dr. Lorenc can restore that youthful look they desire with facial plastic surgery, or with minimally invasive procedures such as the SelfieLiftTM. If you’re not careful about how you address the signs of aging, though, a lack of harmony could be giving something away.

The Aging Neck

When you look at your face and appreciate the smoothness and plumpness of your skin, you may feel a sense of satisfaction. That is, until you look down. When you do, you may notice that your chin is a little heftier than it once was. Perhaps the contour where your chin curves into your neck has loosened; perhaps it has disappeared altogether. You may also notice something that you never have before, that the skin on your neck is incredibly thin. Most people are not aware of this fact, but the neck skin is as delicate as the skin on the eyelids. For this reason, the subtle biological changes of aging can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the neck.

What To Do

Luckily, there are as many solutions for the aging neck as there are for the aging face. We are happy to consult with patients about their needs, and to support them with treatments that will keep the neck and face in harmony. Some of the ways we can do this are:

  • Injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Botox and other neuromodulators can treat the platysmal band muscle that sags with age. Injectables can restore better contours along the jaw line.
  • ThermiTight takes radiofrequency skin tightening to a whole new level. The minimally invasive treatment delivers thermal energy deeper into the dermis to encourage collagen remodeling for tighter, younger-looking skin.
  • Neck lift surgery may be the best method, in some cases, to restore smoothness and suppleness to the aging neck.

Schedule A Consultation

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