Imagine having smoother, firmer skin without the need for face lift surgery or painful treatments. Imagine having a more youthful, healthy appearance after a simple office procedure. Imagine having that treatment performed by the skilled hands of a trusted medical aesthetician under the supervision of Dr. Lorenc. Can you imagine how confident you would feel?


ThermiSmooth™ uses a computer-controlled radiofrequency wand to create visible tightening of aging, sagging skin. Described by patients as feeling similar to a warm massage, the ThermiSmooth™ handpiece is gently moved over your skin in sweeping or circular motions, generating heat deep in the tissues. This heat causes the collagen to contract and adds thickness to the skin by causing mild heat injury. The body’s self-repair system brings in additional collagen and elastin, adding youthful fullness and firmness to the skin.

Using ThermiSmooth™ we help patients look and feel better.

“This procedure takes little time, requires no anesthesia, and works constantly well,” Lorenc says. Patients see improvements right after treatment and the improvements get better over time.”

Schedule a consultation to see how ThermiSmooth™ can help you look younger today.

  • Skin toning and tightening without the need for surgery or injections
  • Radiofrequency technology using a computer-controlled thermistor regulated handpiece
  • Gently raises skin temperature to a set level, then the computer reduces power to prevent injury or discomfort
  • Heat causes collagen fibers to shrink and tighten, stimulates new collagen and elastin production
  • Result in firmer, healthier skin with initial are seen immediately
  • Patients need a series of 3 treatments to get the best improvements