Weight Loss | Paul Lorenc NYIn most of life, losing just feels like losing. There are particular situations, though, in which we lose to win. Losing extra weight is an example. Losing negative thinking . . . You get the picture. Here, we want to point out the various ways in which women who undergo breast reduction surgery lose to win.

Lose attention to gain self-confidence.

This can feel a bit backward to some because we are often taught that getting attention from others feeds self-confidence. When that attention is unwarranted and focused solely on physical appearance, it doesn’t feel so great. Young women whose breasts develop to an excessive degree before adulthood often state that they feel embarrassed by the attention they get. This isn’t fair to any woman, and it is beyond her control – at least until she gets breast reduction surgery. Once this happens, it is character traits and personality that get the attention, not the body.

Lose breast size to gain harmony.

Ideally, breast fullness will harmonize with the fullness of the hips and the width of the shoulders. This is evident just by looking at common styles of clothing. A woman with large breasts isn’t “plus-size,” and yet she may struggle to find the right size to fit her disproportionate frame. Gaining harmony means looking better, and it also means having more options to dress as you’d like.

Lose fullness to gain health.

There is only minimal evidence that points to a link between breast cancer and large breast size. There is substantially greater data that says large breasts can impede health and wellness just by getting in the way – speaking. Activities like dancing, running, and even working out with weights can feel uncomfortable when the breasts are difficult to support. From this standpoint, it makes sense to say that reducing breast size could have a positive effect on overall health and well-being.

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