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Stiletto-Worthy Calf Implants: Sculpted and Defined

Calves may seem like an insignificant feature, but for those who have worked long and hard at the gym to acquire the perfect physique without seeing satisfactory results in their calf muscles, this is the final piece to the puzzle. Dr. Lorenc has performed calf augmentation since 1989 and is one of the leaders in the field of leg contouring techniques.

Calf contour correction with the use of implants has become a sought after procedure by men and women alike. Whether you want your calves to pop beneath your tea-length cocktail dress or want your calf definition to match the muscular build of your upper body, calf implants can give you the lower legs you desire. It improves not only in the volume of the main calf muscle, but also its shape and positioning.

“Many of my patients feel self-conscious about a part of the body that isn’t often thought about—the calves,” Lorenc says. “Particularly in the summer months when legs become an accessory, both men and woman want defined, toned legs, and sometimes genetics prevent you from getting the definition you want. You can work out your legs routinely and still fall short of your goal. I pride myself on giving patients the natural results they want so they can hit the beach or a summer barbecue in confidence.”

Lorenc will begin by measuring your calves and discussing the variety of options for implant size, shape and positioning. These implants are made of soft, solid silicone and are designed to duplicate the shape of the two sides of the main calf muscle. After conferring with Dr. Lorenc, you will decide which shape, size and location meets your physical ideal.

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